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With over ten years of professional experience and a solid track record as an IT recruitment agency in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is dedicated to helping IT professionals gain access to the industry's best opportunities.


Career opportunities for Software Developer in a world where development is being offshored?

The practice of offshore development has become commonplace in the modern, globalised society. Employing software developers from nations with cheaper pay is a common strategy used by businesses to cut costs.

Steps to Becoming an AI Engineer in Hong Kong

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a catchphrase in the modern world. It is generating new opportunities, improving efficiencies, and changing industries.

How to Get a Fintech Job in Singapore

Our expertise in tech recruitment in Singapore can help you find the perfect role to launch your career in fintech. Reach out to our tech recruiter in Singapore today to explore your options and take the first step towards your dream job.


Career Opportunities in Data Science for JavaScript Developers

Career Opportunities in Data Science for JavaScript Developers are abundant and dynamic, especially in the rapidly changing technology world of today.


Why Software Developers Should Prioritize User Experience

SVA Recruitment Hong Kong is essential for finding top talent in today's quickly changing digital world. Hong Kong IT recruitment agencies are essential for navigating the constantly shifting tech landscape.


What Jobs Can You Get with a Computer Science Degree in Hong Kong in 2024?

A computer science degree is like a ticket to many different jobs in the tech world. Whether you want to make software, work in cybersecurity, or be a data scientist, the things you learn in this field open doors to cool opportunities in lots of industries.

How to Speed Up Job Hunt in Chinese New Year

As the Year of the Dragon unfolds in the Chinese zodiac, many individuals, including those working with SVA Recruitment Hong Kong, an IT Recruitment Agency Hong Kong, and our dedicated IT Recruiters in Hong Kong, are gearing up for new beginnings and opportunities.


Latest New Tech Jobs in 2024

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is an IT recruitment agency located in Hong Kong, at the heart of the Asia Pacific IT market. Our IT recruiters help companies find qualified and skilled IT professionals to join their corporate teams in the vibrant and rapidly growing technological landscape of Hong Kong.


Top AI jobs coming to your industry in 2024

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is a top-tier IT Recruitment Agency across Hong Kong. Specializing in IT recruitment and executive search, we seamlessly connect top talent with leading organizations.


5 Essential Career Advice for Business Analysts in Hong Kong

Business Analysts are an integral part of any business, organization, or project. They work to understand a company's needs and the needs of its target market, and then they use this knowledge to create strategies that will help the company grow.


Top 5 AI jobs in Hong Kong and How to Get Them

There are 375 million jobs at risk of replacement from AI automation. With this statistic, even IT and tech professionals are worried about AI taking over their jobs.


10 Programming Jobs in Singapore That You Should Consider

Are you considering becoming a programmer in Singapore? You're in luck. Singapore is home to a thriving tech industry with a high demand for skilled programmers.


5 Technical Skills Every Data Analyst in China Should Have 

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has seen a steady demand for data analysts in China. 


5 Latest Resume Trends that will help your Application Stand Out

The job market is constantly changing globally and among all industries, as are the trends in resumes. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment


Top 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling business center in Asia, and the IT sector is no exception. With its vibrant economy, low taxes, and high-quality infrastructure, Hong Kong is an ideal place for IT professionals to call home. 


10 Stats that Show Bright Future of Data Science

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has noticed an increasing demand for data science specialists throughout the years. Different organizations in Singapore want SVA IT recruitment to find capable and skilled data experts to help their company in utilizing data. 


8 Must-Have Skills for IT Engineers in 2023

As the year ends, SVA Recruitment, the preeminent IT Recruitment Agency in Hong Kong and Asia, has reviewed the most in-demand skills, both hard and soft, from our employers in the last 12 months and also by our roster of successful software developers. 


The Five Hottest Jobs in AI 2023

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment, an IT Recruitment Agency in Shanghai, has seen first-hand that the demand for AI expertise is high across all industries and is continually growing. 


What you need to know before transitioning from Technical to Executive 

In this article, SVA Recruitment, an IT Recruitment agency in Hong Kong will try to provide practical suggestions for Engineers considering a move into Management.


Top 2022 Programming Languages

Since 2017, Python has continued to be the first on the list of IEEE’s top programming languages.


5 Steps to launch your Data Science Career in 2022

In recent years, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has noted various industries across Hong Kong have relied on Data Science as their charger for development.


Highly Recommended Tech Jobs for the Sociable IT Professionals

Whether that is a stereotype or bears some truth, our Tech Recruiters have first-hand experience that the more outgoing types can just as easily thrive in this field, too. 


Best 5 Programming Languages on a major growth to learn in 2022 

SVA Recruitment also uses tools such as RedMonk, GitHub, and Stack Overflow to track programming languages’ popularity, in turn, which we inform our community of developers about so they can continue upskilling.  


5 Ways for Data Scientists to Keep Coding and Growing

We can say with confidence, as a professional IT Recruitment Agency in Hong Kong that folks who pursue a career in data often actually begin as coders, spending considerable time typing


How to successfully kick-start your Career in IT Tech 

Starting a career in the IT Tech industry can be difficult and can often present you with unexpected challenges. There are many ways how you can successfully overcome them.


4 Ways to Become a Successful Developer in 2022

Programming is one of the most versatile careers in the IT industry. As you may see on any IT Recruitment Agency website such as SVA Recruitments, you have so many options.


Hottest Trends on Data Science Jobs in 2022

Data Science is a multifaceted method used by various sectors by companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Dubai, and Japan to derive useful information from their company’s growing amount of data


What you need to know about Metaverse jobs

Virtual reality has already become part of our lives, and today, the metaverse is the next frontier in VR, society, jobs, and IT Recruitment


4 alternative Data Science jobs in demand in 2022

As anticipated by LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, the growing demand for data science professionals is the fastest globally with growth to go x6 from 40 billion to 230 Billion by 2026.


Top 10 Tech Jobs to look out for this 2022

The fight over tech talent looks set to continue in 2022 as the demand for IT positions grows in a post-pandemic world of New Normal, with half of Silicon Valley Associate Recruitment’s employer clients have told our IT Recruiters surveyed are planning to open 50% more positions for the next year.


2022’s 10 most important IT Certifications

IT certifications can improve your chances of advancement and lead to higher pay. Global Knowledge has determined the top 10 IT certifications most in demand today.


Python Is On Its Way To The Top Of The World

Looking back on 2021, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment can confidently say Python has been our most in-demand role to the technical language requested by employers and hiring managers in the development and programming IT Recruitment field.


Mentorship: The way forward for Data Scientists

In preparation for 2022, SVA Recruitment’s IT Recruiters conducted a survey among our Data Scientist community in multiple regions. Some of the answers shocked us. 


What to avoid when choosing what IT Certifications to learn

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, certifications can be a good way to give you an advantage on your resume for employers and IT Recruiters who check.


How Top Sales are using Automation with Personalization to get ahead

Today, almost everything is fast-moving, systematized, and profitable because of the digital technology revolution.


Why Programmers are Feeling Burned Out, and How to Avoid It 

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has recently been getting lots of complaints from our developer candidates’ network, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore, about experiencing burnout.


Trends to look out for in Tech and Software Sales in 2022

As the world grows with technology the conventional marketing, and sales techniques we have been so used and relying on are rapidly losing their effectiveness.


Alternative Careers are to look out for if you are a Programmer

You might be surprised to know your programming skills can be utilized in a variety of different work aspects.


What trends to look forward to in 2022 as a Data Scientist

In today’s article, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment will consider what next year will hold for our Data Science community in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Asia.


What to expect over the next 5 years in a Tech and Software Sales Career Path

Tech and Software sales are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech industry. With plenty of opportunities, vast earning possibilities, and job stability, it could be the career path for you.


What is the In-demand Tech Talent that Employers and IT Recruiters are seeking now?

This pandemic has forced the digital modification plans of businesses that lead to the increasing need for developers and workers who are skilled in the field of technology.


How to Start-Off your Career in Data Science now

We have listed down some tips you can keep in mind to have an exceptional application as you start off your career in Data Science


Technology: The Leading Industry for a Career Path in Sales

Tech Companies in B2B and B2C are thriving in today’s world. Cloud products, Machine Learning or Predictive Analytic Tools, Digital Payment Solutions, Cybersecurity, E-commerce Tools for Businesses (and a lot more!) are several of the products that you could offer in Tech Sales. So, if you have a career path in sales, you should consider looking at Tech Companies.


Job trends of Data Science in Hong Kong

Due to the high demand for data science jobs, many consider switching careers into this field. As a result, data science careers in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and the Asia Pacific have shown significant job trends on various levels of categories.


IT Careers: How to Bounce Back from a Setback

At some point in our life, we experienced the hurdles of life before becoming a successful one in our chosen careers. Same to every successful IT career path that many professionals already achieved right now. 


Current Trends: Programming Languages to Build Up Programmer Careers 

The 21st century has offered humans various innovations and technological shifts that are constantly evolving. This includes the world of programming in technology. The career of programming has been rapidly transitioning.


Why Data Science & Machine Learning in Hong Kong is in Demand

The continual digital transformation of the world has made data science and machine learning the buzzwords of this decade. With businesses generating enormous amounts of information every year, science can help them analyze this for valuable insights.


Pros And Cons Of Work From Home: How Does It Affect Your Salary

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought many changes in our environment, even in our working lives. People are highly encouraged for home quarantines and to stay away from public or crowded spaces.


Should you consider new jobs when the end of year bonus is imminent

It's the big question that every career-minded individual asks at this time of year: Do I apply for new jobs on the market or wait to receive my bonuses?


How to Transition from Traditional to Modern Sales

Technology has greatly changed the way we do things, and no industry was exempted. Probably the most impacted by new technological advancements and the advent of the digital era in the field of sales. 


Advice and Best Practice for IT Graduates Looking to Enter the Job Market

Congratulations, graduates! Hearing the sound that you are graduating sparks vigor and excitement. A chapter ends and you are about to start anew.


Considering a work relocation out of HK?

At Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment, we have seen a spike in interest for roles that involve relocation out of Hong Kong to places such as Singapore. 


Tips in Setting Career Goals For 2020

It's a fresh year and a fresh decade, and at Silicon Valley Associates, we are raring to go!


Tips to achieve Work-Life balance

Whatever your career path or current job in Hong Kong, the working culture can be stressful at times, but especially in IT and Tech, with it's infamous '996' culture.


Best Practice for Successful Video Interviewing

Video interviewing for jobs is becoming standard practice for many employers and candidates, particularly when applicants are being interviewed from overseas or in another part of the country, and especially more so in the light of the current Coronavirus crisis. 


The New Normal: Tips and Best Practice for continuing to Work from Home post-COVID 19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues around the world, business leaders are busy devising ways for their operations to work safely in the future


Mass Unemployment: How to Make Your Application Stand Out from the Crowd

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many countries around the world were shut down and forced under enhanced quarantine programs.



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