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Pros And Cons Of Work From Home: How Does It Affect Your Salary

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought many changes in our environment, even in our working lives. People are highly encouraged for home quarantines and to stay away from public or crowded spaces.


Should you consider new jobs when the end of year bonus is imminent

t's the big question that every career-minded individual asks at this time of year: Do I apply for new jobs on the market or wait to receive my bonuses?


How to Transition from Traditional to Modern Sales

Technology has greatly changed the way we do things, and no industry was exempted. Probably the most impacted by new technological advancements and the advent of the digital era in the field of sales. 


Advice and Best Practice for IT Graduates Looking to Enter the Job Market

Congratulations, graduates! Hearing the sound that you are graduating sparks vigor and excitement. A chapter ends and you are about to start anew.


Considering a work relocation out of HK?

At Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment, we have seen a spike in interest for roles that involve relocation out of Hong Kong to places such as Singapore. 


Tips in Setting Career Goals For 2020

It's a fresh year and a fresh decade, and at Silicon Valley Associates, we are raring to go!


Tips to achieve Work-Life balance

Whatever your career path or current job in Hong Kong, the working culture can be stressful at times, but especially in IT and Tech, with it's infamous '996' culture.


Best Practice for Successful Video Interviewing

Video interviewing for jobs is becoming standard practice for many employers and candidates, particularly when applicants are being interviewed from overseas or in another part of the country, and especially more so in the light of the current Coronavirus crisis. 


The New Normal: Tips and Best Practice for continuing to Work from Home post-COVID 19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues around the world, business leaders are busy devising ways for their operations to work safely in the future


Mass Unemployment: How to Make Your Application Stand Out from the Crowd

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many countries around the world were shut down and forced under enhanced quarantine programs.




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