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Trends to look out for in Tech and Software Sales in 2022

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armie Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment  



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As the world grows with technology the conventional marketing, and sales techniques we have been so used and relying on are rapidly losing their effectiveness. 

Digital and Internet have made a huge contribution in changing the consumers’ manner towards purchasing and have also paved the way for the innovation of how sales and marketing folks now do their tasks.

For this article, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment spoke to some of our major Tech & Software clients who are year-round hiring sales, to understand what sales will look like next year, and possible tools and trends you as a salesperson will need to prepare for.

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1.  AI Software increase Sales

Before, AI was only a visionary notion that was mostly applied in Sci-Fi movies and documentaries. Today, it is very commonly used by companies, IT firms, and businesses. 

One of the clients mentioned that this year 50% of their sales reps reached their quotas by using AI software in processing accumulated relevant data on customers, which was later useful in planning and augmenting the organization’s marketing strategies to increase sales. They will be looking to scale AI across more of their sales reps.

-   Chatbots are another example of AI that is can be useful in addressing basic customer-relevant issues and communications. Chatbots are labor-saving for any company as they can be available any time of the day and will be able to handle a higher number of customers than doing it manually. 

-   AI has been very useful for other clients in helping their sales save time doing basic tasks like note-taking and setting appointments, by using a voice-enabled virtual assistant. Salespeople are now able to focus more on important tasks such as providing the best services for customers that will lead to better customer satisfaction.

-   AI is also being used by one client in contact center solutions. Previously using a wide range of platforms such as phone, email, and virtual chatrooms had been a struggle for salespeople since they always have to be available on multiple platforms for their customer’s needs. Through integrating everything through a contact center solution (and CRM) helped secure all valuable data collected and conversations from one platform.

2.  Advanced Customer Relationship Management software

Connecting and keeping customer Relationships was made easy by CRM database software, which helped store and keep track of customer contacts, relationships and make connections with them. 

CRM is now becoming more and more a vital part of reaching a high volume of customers and their responses in a single day or performing numerous tasks in n automated ways such as self-operated like managing campaigns and data centralization. 

This again helps sales prioritize other important tasks at hand, improve productivity, but also in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of gathering data and securing valuable information to the company. 

Salespeople tend to spend too much time on basic tasks without even being aware of them. For instance, simply replying or acknowledging an email, organizing weekly plans, or even just ticking a task off of their to-do lists. One report stated that salespeople spend 64% of their time on non-sales activities, which is a number that simply cannot be a good use of their time.

Automation using the CRM has really helped to banish or even just lessen the time spent on tedious tasks that could be utilized in doing beneficial tasks such as closing a deal with a valuable client that wasn’t given a reasonable amount of time.

3.  Call Analytic Tools

Companies’ salespeople used to take calls from customers and spend a lot of time evaluating each call and relying on historical data analysis. All of our clients were starting to use ‘call analytics’, recording all calls made so as to analyze it for insightful data to use in studying their customers’ behavior, or their sales team’s work ethic.

Using these new analytic tools, their sales reps are now productive and predictive, and able to see unnoticed opportunities and steer clear of possible risks along the way, whilst also being transparent in their own productivity. 

If you would like to explore some of these clients of ours who are on the cutting edge of tech or have other tools and tech you would like to share, please reach out for a confidential chat.



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