We are a specialized I.T. & Tech Recruitment Broker Agency, with +10 years experience matching local Professionals, Executives, Middle and Senior / Top Level Management to Western or Local Start-Ups and MNCs across Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Asia Pacific.


Through an exhaustive, detailed search process, we will ensure every possible candidate is screened, and you at all times have at your discretion absolute best person(s) for your jobs and business. We work with you on an ongoing basis, making sure the talent pipeline is always full and you have first pick at all times to the best candidates in the market at those rare moments of availability.


Through our exhaustive, direct search campaigns, we will ensure every potential employer and manager is screened and you have at your discretion all the possible job opportunities available in the market. We will work with you throughout the course of your professional life, making sure you are making the best decisions for your career and at all times have at your discretion of the best career opportunities available in the market.

Research & Insight

Through our regular campaigns, we always have all the latest insights, data and trends in your function, industry and markets and can share these with you. We can also work on providing more bespoke, customised research and data to you on request.

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Featured Jobs

Location Hong Kong.
Business Development (IC)

Business Development Specialist, Fast-Growing Start-Up Company, +455K HKD Annual

Company Summary Our client is a fast-growing start-up company in Hong Kong that provides alternative data and research technology. Develops the latest NLP and search technology to improve the risk...

Location Hong Kong.
Web Developer

Front End Developer - World-Leading HK Property Tech start up+ 390K HKD

Company Summary Our Client is a pioneering Proptech startup company Recent Cyberport Incubated. World-leading, crowdsourced real estate data platform. AI-Solutions for stakeholders Job Description Structure and Create Front-End code for...