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Highly Recommended Tech Jobs for the Sociable IT Professionals

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 



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Whether that is a stereotype or bears some truth, our Tech Recruiters have first-hand experience that the more outgoing types can just as easily thrive in this field, too. SVA Recruitment has found that the IT industry has a place for all personality types. 

What is an Extrovert?

Some personality traits commonly found in this type of person are as follows:

1.    Enjoy working in teams
2.    Inspired by socializing
3.    Tend to be impulsive
4.    Likes to be the center of attention
5.    Approachable
6.    Outgoing

Extroverts occupy a broad range of behaviors. Some people believe that extroverts are obtrusive, argumentative, and unable to spend time alone; however, the description does not apply to them all.

Why is Extrovert considered counter to the field of IT? 

Extroverts generally have a strong need for human interaction, whereas IT is very much all about interacting with computers. Whilst the more sociable types are considered more productive and efficient when they work in an environment that fosters interaction and teamwork, IT engineering is more of an individual job. 

Most sociable workers often find that remote working environments are uninspiring and prefer office jobs where they can interact with their colleagues- isolation can be a stressful experience for them. SVA Recruitment finds the opposite is true of IT professionals, in particular developers, who overwhelming prefer remote/virtual, work-from-home with limited requirements to be in the office, or even have to commute too far.

So even though certain tech jobs—like programming and writing code—might seem like solitary work, Extroverts can be especially effective in the field of computer science because of their natural people skills, especially in jobs that require frequent client interaction, and team collaboration, and presentations to managers are necessary. 

In this article, our IT Recruitment Agency would like to list the 5 top tech jobs for the more extroverted IT Professionals reading this article, as suggested by our expert IT Recruiters in Shanghai.

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1. IT Project Manager

An IT project manager plans, budgets, and schedules large computer systems projects for organizations. They coordinate closely with clients and management to identify key goals and deliverables, assign tasks to other IT staff members, track progress, and report on the project's status. Project managers must work collaboratively with many different types of people; including managers, IT professionals, clients, and stakeholders.

For an extrovert, this is a dream job. As hands-on managers, they will need to demonstrate leadership, communication, and collaborative abilities.

2. Help Desk Technician

Help desk technicians solve all sorts of problems, from faulty software to a sluggish Internet connection. They diagnose problems and offer solutions to both individuals and companies. Support technicians collect feedback and document common problems, working closely with end-users, company clients, stakeholders, and other technology professionals. Their findings help management prioritize fixes.

Extroverts perform well in these positions because they thrive on interpersonal interactions and enjoy helping others. Help desk technicians must possess both technical expertise and strong customer-service skills.


3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketers oversee the search engine optimization strategies, social media accounts, and web and email activities of businesses and organizations. Marketers also establish the goals of various campaigns and evaluate their results. Digital marketers perform a variety of marketing tasks, which may include market research, communications, and user experience design. These professionals often collaborate with other professionals in marketing, web development, programming, and design.

Fit for extroverts as they will help organizations and clients attract attention to their products and services. Working with various departments, they’ll be able to show off creative abilities as an organizer and communicator.

4. IT / Tech Recruiter

Tech recruiters work with management to identify and fill technology job openings within organizations. They seek out new candidates, research them, and screen them for qualifications. Recruiters act as intermediaries between companies seeking candidates and job seekers. They help companies post job openings and interview candidates, as well as negotiate salaries. Tech recruiters work with a variety of people both inside and outside the company they represent, including managers, communications professionals, and candidates.

A tech recruiter position is a good fit for an extrovert, as the job will require frequent communication with people and the opportunity to meet new people.


5. Software/Tech  Sales

Technology sales professionals are responsible for the sale and distribution of software, hardware, and technical services to consumers and clients. They maintain a thorough knowledge of the product through research and meetings with potential clients.

Sales professionals work with many different people in the business, including marketing, technology, and management. They pass along information from consumers to help improve products and services.

Extroverts are suitable candidates for sales professionals because of their sociability and interpersonal strengths. They may also have stronger social skills than other types of job candidates and thus enjoy the dynamic work environment.

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For the more moderates, the following 5 jobs lean more to the technical side, but also involve regular people interactions, in case you might be interested in a job that is not completely on the extreme sociable end of the scale.


6. Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts examine the efficiency of computer systems and recommend the implementation of necessary upgrades. They work with technology professionals to evaluate current technology systems, define the technological needs and challenges of the organization, and create plans for implementing new systems. Computer analysts will have more career opportunities and may specialize in certain technologies; such as programming, computer systems, networks, databases, or even implementing large IT projects.

Extroverts may find this job appealing because they must carefully attend to clients' needs and understand their point of view - which means communication and collaboration is key here. They must also understand how computers work by communicating with their users in order to make recommendations.


7. Network Administrator

Network administrators are responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting networks, upgrading and installing new servers, maintaining security, and optimizing the performance of these networks. Network administrators may require a network administration degree, which provides the training necessary for working in this field. They work with management, computer technicians, and end-users to research and develop systems that meet the needs of all these groups. 

Extroverts will enjoy this job because it offers them a chance to work collaboratively with people, discuss specific challenges with users, and learn new skills from their colleagues

8. Web Developer

Web developers design, create and maintain websites. They may work on the back-end or front-end of web development. When creating a website, developers work with clients, graphic designers, other developers, marketing representatives, and others.

Web developers work with clients and teams to create websites. This may appeal to extroverts, who often prefer team activities.

9. Scrum Master

Scrum masters oversee projects and software teams. They ensure that their teams comply with development procedures, monitor progress, and provide coaching to team members. Scrum masters also resolve issues that arise during the development process. Scrum masters work with a cross-functional team to implement Agile methodologies. To do this, they must communicate regularly and collaborate closely with the team and stakeholders. They also motivate the team to become more productive.

You can expect to use your leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills when working in this position. Extroverts will enjoy interacting with others in this job. They will regularly meet with the product owners and management for feedback and stay involved in projects so that everything is progressing smoothly.


10. User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Designers

UX / UI designers are responsible for the digital product's user interface and its usability. They assess a potential user's needs, then design visual aspects and control mechanisms that respond to those needs. They also integrate branding and marketing messaging into the product. The job of a UX designer involves designing and researching user interfaces. UX designers work closely with the development team, marketing, and management to create new products and make existing ones better.
User-experience (UX) designers must gain an understanding of what end-users want from a product or website. They are required to interact with members of the company's development and marketing teams and explain the results of user research to them.

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