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How to Start Off your Career in Data Science Now

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 


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We have listed down some tips you can keep in mind to have an exceptional application as you start off your career in Data Science.

Data Science is one of the significant jobs that have evident progress and provided career opportunities to several professionals and experts in coding, analytics, maths, statistics, and data visualization. Data-driven job roles have only emerged lately, motivating the young ones to develop their skills in different fields such as logistics, business intelligence, machine learning, data architecture, and data science. 

Today, a career in data science can be a financially rewarding decision, since it is sought-after across retail, government, banking, media, communications, transportation, healthcare, education, and many other industries. In this article, we have listed down some tips and key things for you to build up a strong chance of getting your first job as a data scientist.

1.  Develop Appropriate Soft and Industrial Skills

Data Scientists answer complicated problems using data trends and patterns. Therefore, job-related skills and soft skills are necessary. You should hone your statistical skills, programming knowledge, predictive modeling, data visualization, data manipulation, data analysis, as well as basic knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, big data, and software engineering are also necessary skills. 

You must also obtain teamwork, time management, collaboration, communication, structured thinking, problem-solving, and management skills to improve your application for a job in data science.

2.  Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom (Try to choose an entry-level course)

A 3-6 month-long comprehensive specialization course is a good choice if you’ve already made up your mind in pursuing a career in data science. This will enhance your skills and provide you with a first-hand experience, at the same time, work hands-on with projects and cover consecutive practice and evaluations. You will also obtain acknowledged certificates from the industry, job placement assistance, and perceptive sessions with professionals and experts on the industry which will corroborate your skills as a professional in the field.

3.  Create a Portfolio 

A poor and unorganized portfolio may hinder your chances of getting hired. Your portfolio comprises various components beyond just your CV and cover letter; each of these must guarantee you a position. 

Show your understanding of datasets, structures, statistics, models, and insights. Make a list of skills, accomplishments, and major and minor data science project details. You should also consider building a digital professional portfolio that can be shared across IT recruiters. 

4.  Apply for Internships to Acquire Hands-On Experience

By doing internships, you will learn the beginner-level concepts of data science; this will help you enhance your skill in data science. You will be able to utilize your theoretical knowledge, build self-confidence, experience first-hand work in the industry, expand your practical skills, and increase your motivation. 

The internship is also a great way to make extra income while refining your job-specific skills, improve your CV, build a network, and with the help of your seniors; acquire a placement offer or settle jobs in other companies, gain work experience, and receive a recommendation from your employers. 

Internships give you an advantage over other applicants because recruiters frequently determine your ability to multitask, commit, own your work, and stand out in your field based on your performance and behavior with the previous companies you’ve worked with and your actual capability in technical works such as data science.

5.  Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

It is necessary for an aspiring data scientist to be updated with the latest trends in the industry, technological advancements, best practices, customers’ behavioral changes, and global activities in the field. Join and stay connected with the programming and data science groups and societies, watch tutorials, learn from the experts, read and share relevant articles/news, deliver useful criticism, and join tech leaders’ webinars and discussions. 

To make an impression with your recruiters, improve your understanding of general happenings, knowledge in the field, and awareness of the different data science leaders. In addition, this gives you an advantage in getting recommendations, building lifetime connections in the industry, developing your work skills, earning direct job opportunities, and unending prospects from IT recruiters.


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