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How to Win the IT Talent War: Choosing Top-Tier Talents

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Victor Chen, Senior Recruiter, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 


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With the rampant development of technology, we cannot deny the rising demand for IT talents. IT careers and other IT-related jobs have become top demands in the business. Hiring the right IT people is already competition in the field itself. 

Many IT professionals have built their IT careers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other parts of Asia Pacific. Regardless of many workplace predictions or job forecasts, we cannot deny that people will always be the focal point of the business. That is why the need to attract and retain talent in a competitive labor market will continue to intensify regardless of technological innovations through AI and automation. 

The IT battlefield makes us realize that winning comes from understanding that top-tier IT talents are essential in outmaneuvering the competition. SVA Recruitment brings you top strategies for winning talents that IT leaders have used in hunting on the battlefield. 

1. Seek and Establish a Top-Tier Workforce 

IT leaders have found that highly successful organizations seek top talents to establish a top-tier workforce. This is understandable because highly skilled IT talents, or even other professionals, do not want to work with the kind of employers less than they deserve. Showcasing your IT talents on social media and other platforms helps attract other top talents to work with you. 

Another thing, the recruitment experience must be genuine. Promises made to candidates and employees must be kept, or people will not stay and word will spread. This could hurt your company's reputation and would hinder you from attracting top talents. 

2. Be Open-Minded to Diversity 

Make sure to review all job postings and job descriptions. You do not want to exclude qualified diverse candidates based on what was required in your posted job announcement. Having a diverse workforce allows more room for creativity and an innovative mindset, which are crucial to the success of every business. 

Building your job description above and beyond the usual tick-boxes of requirements, qualifications and benefits will attract talented candidates who can bring so much more to the table than simply carrying out the required duties of the job. SVA Recruitment recommends various job description templates you can use in attracting talented candidates. (Link for Job description ebook) 

3. Market your Organization 

The organization must sell itself to attract top talents, especially knowing that there is a strong competition of getting one in the market. Top candidates know their worth, so they do not settle for less than they deserve. In order to let top IT talents apply to your organization, you must showcase your company’s strengths, purpose, and shared values to lure them to your reach. 

One thing to do this is by sharing employees’ experiences about your organization. For instance, you can encourage them to share their testimonials through your website or other professional platforms for review and feedback. When top IT talents feel that your company shares the same values and workplace conditions they desire, the more likely you attract them to join and stay longer in the company. So, it would be best if you advertised in the right places to get the candidates you want. 

4. Nurture Talents from within 

Aside from getting top-tier candidates outside your company, create them inside. According to IT leaders, highly successful companies build the best talents in-house by constantly investing in their improvement. This can be done by offering training, employee engagement programs, or doing job rotations to acquire new skills. 

5. Foster Career growth 

The best employees constantly seek career growth and skills improvement. They feel demotivated when they feel stagnancy in their job positions. They want to be challenged and feel that they have a meaningful improvement. Most people have an innate desire to improve and better themselves. 
Employees having work that brings them satisfaction is not only a great motivator but also plays an important role in keeping employees engaged. This helps you in encouraging top IT talents to stay and perform better than ever. The companies that recognize this and respond to career advancement will be able to attract and retain better candidates who will grow with the organization. 


6. Ensure a Top-tier Recruiting Process 

Top-tier talents are not attracted to companies that have a sloppy, confusing, and slow hiring process. That is why you have to provide a clear explanation of your hiring process, quality job descriptions, and a transparent flow of the interviewing process to properly communicate with the candidates throughout the recruitment.  
Another to keep in mind: always get your employees involved. They are your best recruiters and can expand your talent pool tenfold just by sharing the postings. 


7. Make the Best Decision 

Recruiters or employers have to act decisively and always keep time in their minds. While it is nice to weigh candidates more, you have to be mindful of the time and the intensive competition in the market. Keep in mind that top-tier candidates do not only apply to your organization but also to your competitors. 

Generally, the key to winning in the IT battlefield is to attract top talents and to improve current talents in-house. Think of this whole top-tier selection process in terms of customer satisfaction; ease of use is a powerful element in a candidate’s decision-making process. This is very true, especially in the more competitive or specialized fields that regularly see a war for talent where even the smallest details can sway the most coveted candidates to your company or to a competitor.


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