Downturn Against Fast-growing but Possibly Unsustainable Young Companies

In a recent industry podcast, SoftBank discussed its investment losses on young companies such as Uber Technologies and WeWork. The spokesperson talked about the need to be cautious where young firms are concerned and the need for investors to make decisions on the basis of sound fundamentals rather than trends or hype.

Hong Kong Tech Sector Strong despite ongoing US - China Trade War

After seeing the recent storming of the Hong Kong legislature, it would be easy to reach a conclusion that the entire city is at a standstill. Is this a true picture, however, or just an angle being promoted by a politicized media? It's in no-one's interest to stifle business; in fact, the city is actively promoting business development and collaboration.

Hong Kong Service Sector down, but IT & Tech Hiring Resilient 

As Hong Kong protests continue with major effects on tourism, retail, and employment, even HK's privileged position as a financial center could be challenged by Mainland and other APAC cities. Yet despite this, the view from Silicon Valley Associates remains positive within Technology and IT, based on what we are seeing on the ground. 


A Look Back at 2019: Year-End Greetings from SVA Recruitment

2019 was indeed a very abundant year for SVA Recruitment. Since our launch in November 2018, we have seen tremendous growth and achieved a handful of our organizational goals. Indeed, we’re ending 2019 on a good note, and it’s all thanks to your support and participation.

The Workplace - What to Invest in for 2020

With 2020 comes not just a new year, but a new decade. And in the past ten years, the way in which we work and the office spaces that we use have changed dramatically. Flexible working has become not just a luxury but an expectation. Digital technologies have transformed the way that we deliver our roles, with innovations from the cloud through to fintech revolutionizing the office environment.

Looming Recession and How Some Clients are Preparing and Taking Advantage

Many business people and analysts believe that a recession will shortly impact Hong Kong and, potentially, much of Asia this year, with the global markets to follow in 2020.

How Employees Can Become Your Greatest Assets

It's one thing to fill your IT jobs in Hong Kong with bright candidates who offer plenty of potentials and a fantastic resume. But how do you develop them into true assets that your company can leverage for the longer term?

Ways to Entice and Hire Candidates During Difficult Times

When business gets tough and the market experiences any kind of contraction, companies have to get creative in their hiring approaches. Great talent is always needed to succeed - and to get out of any slump. So what can companies do to continue their recruitment successfully?


How to get the most from remote working, POST-Coronavirus?

The novel Covid-19 pandemic has led to a wave of home working across the world. Businesses which might otherwise have been slow to encourage home-working... 


How Coronavirus will change the global jobs market

The Coronavirus pandemic is still very new and the situation continues to evolve. Already, much of the workforce has switched to home-working...


The New Normal: How to Keep Your Culture and Team Motivated Working from Home Post Covid-19

As the Covid-19 crisis continues around the world, business leaders are busy devising ways for their operations to work safely in the future...



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