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Turning these 8 IT leader challenges into opportunities in 2023

BY: Vahid Haghzare, Joan Rey



Three years back, many IT leaders were focusing on how to adopt AI approaches and techniques into their business models. Then the pandemic hit, requiring an accelerated plan to adopt new systems, methods, and practices, especially in the IT industry in Dubai and other countries in Asia. Now that the world is opening its doors again, businesses and organizations have returned to a so-called "new normal". CIOs concentrate on getting back to basics. IT recruiting, retainment, and adoption of lead-edge technology. 

Tech recruiters at Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment Dubai find that company workers are more spread now than ever due to a remote set-up. IT leaders are dedicated to making positive changes in the workplace environment, which includes creating a post-pandemic work dynamic that enables their diversifying workforce and associates to connect across distances to do their best work.

Implementing these will raise some challenges for IT leaders, but like what the optimist must say, "challenges are opportunities." Let's see how these eight IT leaders' challenges can turn into opportunities. 

Making the remote job more rewarding

How can Tech companies turn remote work more rewarding? CIOs and IT employees can support their teams by implementing and upgrading tools for more collaborative work. Leaders need to be prepared to help their team be more productive from any location, and providing them with the correct tools and then making sure those tools work for them no matter where they live is essential.

Providing incentives and salaries for achieving outstanding results is another way leaders keep their employees motivated to work and inspire enthusiasm and energy. SVA recruitment provides time for their employees every quarter to recharge apart from the bonuses for achieving their goals, and with this system, they have a high retention of workers. Leaders can also do this as an opportunity to relax, recharge and have time for themselves.

Raising Talents standards

IT companies must create an employee-first culture to help retain top performers. One example is giving the best IT engineers significant problems to solve and an environment where they can do their best work. In other words, when leaders provide an opportunity for their employees to work at their best skills and passion, that will also provide significant growth in the company.

We are in the middle of a highly competitive Tech job market. But it would help if you had more than simply offering competitive compensation. Keeping staff engaged by ensuring involvement with their peers and providing them with exciting and rewarding work is critical in retaining top IT talent.

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Economic anticipation

Tech companies are figuring out how to endure a post-pandemic weak economy, looming recession, and inflation. One solution for this is partnering and working across industries to solve all organizations' big problems. Working with others is an excellent opportunity to expand networks and collaboration and see how this connection will bring tremendous success to companies and the economy.

Businesses and Tech recruitment agencies must improve performance while adapting to the changing business environment. Some IT recruiters have developed a working environment that employees and employers need to meet, which helps in hiring and retention. Hiring and retaining the best candidates with exceptional skills is always the best strategy to improve overall performance.


The need to strategize more effectively

Many companies are utilizing and benefiting from the increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. Adopting modern technology provides many advantages and opportunities for Tech companies to triple their effort and achieve faster results. 
Despite this, some companies still need help to grow their business. Leaders ask, "How do we grow our business responsibly?" or "How do we get the talent we need?"   With these overwhelming concerns and challenges, some IT leaders suggested mapping their plans for business improvements and making them as comprehensive, considered, and responsible as possible, and making sure they make a robust roadmap.

Silicon Valley Associates is continuously learning and strengthening their plans and strategy, and they communicate it well to their employee. Setting up goals and clear communication helps them build an opportunity for growth for the company and their employees as they learn to think about improving the system. In other words, they actively take part in the strategic plan for the company's growth.

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Burn Out

The increasing number of IT workers suffering burnout concerns Tech leaders. Many Tech companies realize the increased stress on IT workers that began during the pandemic and continues today due to the increase in IT demands.

Tech leaders can help by setting expectations for stressed-out IT staff who need downtime. Managers and leaders can be role models for their employees by taking time for themselves and encouraging paid time off and mental health days. 
Time off is an opportunity to build an excellent healthy working culture and relationship with your team and let them know that even if there is a goal to reach, having "me time" is still essential. 

The need to diversify 

Diversity is still an issue in the IT industry; diverse teams have been shown to produce better results. But diversifying IT workers remain challenging, especially given the pressures on the tech talent market. And that work goes beyond getting new tech talent in the door, creating an employee experience that ensures all IT workers feel secure, productive, and motivated to stay.

The opportunity comes by utilizing the technology available at this time. With a remote home setup, hiring diverse talents would be easier, even from afar. The benefit of having various employees from different backgrounds and situations is that they all have something significant to share, whether their work ethic or great ideas from their own experienced. 


Security threats

A tendency for ultimate security responsibility falls on the shoulders of Tech leaders, so they need to continue to look for better ways to raise their security stance without busting the bank. Focusing More than just on tools is optional to be a long-term and ongoing security strategy in the organization. Your security stance is only as good as your weakest link, which is your employees.

But the weakest link can be the biggest asset of the company. Instead of buying a service provider to protect your system investing in an employee whose expertise is in helping companies have a secure system and database is a good option. 

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Taking advantage of what the cloud offers without breaking the bank

Tech companies are facing the typical difficulties surrounding cloud migration and adoption.
Some companies have built those processes into their foundations by slowly implementing best practices like real-time data access and cloud data warehousing. IT team leaders and individuals can make sure that everyone has access to the data or information they need from all the platforms they are using. This helps minimize the disruption of operations and makes it easy for workers to continue performing their day-to-day activities. 

With inflation and other factors pushing cloud company providers to increase their prices, IT leaders must beware of the budget increase. Cloud migrations can also be lengthy and inconvenient, which might result in companies or organizations waiting months or years for the ROI they expect to pay off. Balancing the finances of cloud migration and contending with rising cloud costs will be a significant issue for organizations in the year ahead.
Though these may sound inconvenient, companies can consider this a long-term investment. 

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