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How to Consistently Attract IT Talents 

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 



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With the intense competition for skilled tech talent, a few companies are holding off their IT recruitment or giving up on attracting IT Talents to their organization. 
According to a survey, most employers and IT recruiters in 2020 took up 69 days on average to fill a tech role. 

One of Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment’s clients, an accounting firm, just finished hiring through us for a range of difficult IT positions (such as application development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud engineering). With a 48-day average completion, from job posting up to the onboarding date. 

Attracting IT Talent to your company doesn’t have to be so tough. We have reconnected with some of our long-standing clients who seem to attract top tech talent effortlessly and find out the secrets of organizations to building up an alluring IT recruiting process with shared tips and strategies on how to create consistent, inbound IT talents:

Always Be Hiring

‘How to attract top tech talent to your company?’, we asked the client. 
The CIO responds, “If an exceptional Engineer approaches HR, or an IT employee offers a great referral, we go ahead and hire them even when we don’t have a role that we’re shopping, We build roles around people; we don’t put people in roles.”

So, start acquiring exceptional talent even without an open position. Become a company that doesn't put people in roles unless they have a great fit. 

Press the Hot Buttons

How do you attract IT talent? We asked another client. 
“People are looking to be part of something,” the IT Department leader replies. “We may not pay the highest on an IT salary chart, but we have talent that’s always reaching out because it’s the overall package that attracts them — the pay, the benefits, the respect, the engagement, and feeling part of something big.”

Based on a recent survey of our candidate network, SVA Recruitment can report back that many tech workers are still primarily looking for higher pay (61%), as they feel underpaid in their current jobs. 

Other frequent considerations include career advancement (47%), interesting work/projects (38%), and personal fulfillment, such as a purpose or mission. 

Of the candidates who were not looking and felt they were already working in organizations run by great leaders and managers, particular retention factors included the chance to keep working with the latest technologies, a clear career path, values of excellence, and feeling respected and acknowledged.

Hire Outstanding Talent to Attract More Outstanding Talents

“There are other creative ways to attract talent”. A recent client who hired a candidate through SVA Recruitment ended up with eight additional quality employees on their IT team as the original candidate we introduced ended up introducing all his best referrals. 

“Mission, culture, and taking care of that employee helped sell us to many others in the market,” the client told us. 

So one successful hire of a great candidate can often lead to many more following and joining your organization.

Inclusive leaders attract diverse teams

The same hiring cycle we found also applies to diversity and inclusion in the workforce. 

One of our clients back in 2019 set out and had a difficult time hiring their first female in the Tech team, as an IT Director no less, before an introduction by Silicon Valley Associates to the right candidate. 

We checked back this month to find that today, in 2021, about 40% of its IT workforce is now female! 

“People like to see people who look like them, and that has made a difference” the IT Director commented. 

The number of professionals looking for a more diverse workplace has in general doubled in the last year. 

Consider contractors

Finally, some of the best talent gains by some of our clients were made through contract engagements. Some of them work out so well that they ask to stay after working with the group for a long time.


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