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The 4 biggest challenges Tech Leaders will encounter in 2022

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armie Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment


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Looking forward to the new year, here are the biggest hurdles that Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment believes IT leaders will encounter in 2022, and what their game plan could be for an effective year of IT Recruitment:


  1. Finding and fighting for new IT Talent

One of the recurring challenges that IT leaders anticipate will carry over into this year is finding IT talents for their organization. Hiring managers and IT Recruiters will find it to be even more competitive in finding the best talents in 2022. 

SVA Recruitment is finding that currently, almost every industry is demanding more IT candidates for their organizations. Meaning, more competition for companies to find the best data analysts, software engineers, and developers, whether employers are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, or Dubai.

The prevailing shortage of top talent in several industries besides the demand for tech talent is garnering attention from the mainstream media as well.

No matter how much budget you have, if you don’t employ the right talent, your priorities can’t be executed.


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  1. Matching skillsets- now and in the future

The propagation of employers' demand for hiring IT candidates who are skilled technically and have experience in software, machine learning, data science, and cloud environments has exploded.

Even though the IT candidate pool has widened in the last few years as job seekers from other industries change careers into the field of IT, there still seems to be an insufficient number of candidates around who have the required technical skill and knowledge on hand to fulfill the jobs in demand.

The recurring talent shortage of today has also accentuated the importance of upskilling existing tech workers.

In order to address true knowledge gaps and prioritize upskilling current top tech workers, a two-sided procedure of acquiring external talent will be implemented. If properly promoted, this should lessen the damage and alter the aspects of gaining new talent.

Looking further ahead, a number of IT hiring managers working with SVA Recruitment perceive that in the following 3-5 years more skills gaps will appear between the proficiency of their current IT staff, and the key technical demands for future success.

It is vital that businesses keep in mind the people they are hiring today have the skills needed to move the company forward in a few years’ time as digital transformation continues to take over worldwide.


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  1. Sustaining a flexible work environment

Flexible work arrangements have been essential during the pandemic, and organizations have overnight had to undertake or accelerate their digital transformation and improve employees’ digital skills in order to sustain a diversified remote workplace.

With work-from-home here to stay according to the majority of workers in the job market, companies must also continue to invest in well-designed architecture for continual hybrid work environments which give them a competitive advantage as a prospective employer.

“Folks have come to reconsider their careers at this time of the pandemic,” says Vahid Haghzare, Director of SVA Recruitment. “Employers seek to attract top talent, but must also consider its costs. Including those who prefer to work in-office or more diverse working flexibility. Because of this, your company needs to be set up to cater to the diverse needs of different employees and candidates”.

Most companies need to keep up with their transformation efforts as employees and talent lean permanently to a remote-first approach going forward, whilst also accommodating shared co-working spaces for employees who prefer working in-person.

As a result of new habits, how companies are managed and how employees perform their job functions is changing, and IT Leaders have to work hard to set up the technology to facilitate the embracing of remote working and transforming their companies processes in order to be digital and cloud-enabled permanently.


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  1. IT staff Burnout

As the demand for IT services has increased with employers moving towards permanent virtual work and faster Digital transformation, burnout has become a problem among existing IT employees who are having to keep up with demand.

Additionally, budgets also haven't kept pace with the added workload for these employees.

Both of the above issues could lead to talent retaining issues as a result of the low levels of happiness of your employees.

Additionally, there has been a massive change in modern employee expectations. Work-from-home conditions due to the pandemic, the increased opportunity for everyone to work freelance thanks to the internet, as well millennials attitude who have started entering the workplace, has created a new outlook for employees of today.

Employees of 2022 now seek more clarity and immediate fulfillment in the workplace, as well as balance for their lives outside of work.

A lack of understanding of this among business leaders and IT leaders is the real cause of potential future problems, and a different comprehensive organization is necessary to solve the issue.


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To ensure continued success in this new year, Silicon Valley Associates believes that tech hiring managers will need to find ways to provide an even more diverse workplace as well as guarantee skills match - these are just among the list of challenges that they will encounter this year.

Common challenges by the existing Covid-19 pandemic from previous years will be reinforced again this year in 2022 for IT leaders. The challenge made more impactful by IT workers re-evaluating their career paths, which leads to IT leaders struggling to look for the right candidates with the skills needed and keep their best talents. 

In the current situation where companies are encouraged to lessen workplace exposure or employees to work from home, providing tech support, equipment, and other employees’ needs is now significant. On top of this, a surge of burnout prompted by the pandemic and chip shortages that run the IT industry.


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