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4 alternative Data Science jobs in demand in 2022

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armie Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment



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The Demand for Data Science Jobs


As anticipated by LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, the growing demand for data science professionals is the fastest globally with growth to go x6 from 40 billion to 230 Billion by 2026, with roughly 11.5 million jobs to open by 2026. This could be a convenient time to kick off and develop a career path in data science.

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment and our employer partners in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Japan, and Dubai understand the significance of data and see it as an asset they have obtained throughout the years.

With the increase of big data usage in today’s world, global data volume is expected to tap 180 zettabytes approximately by 2025. Experts in the domain who are capable of transforming this big data into useful information with the means of new and advanced technology are highly needed and sought after.

SVA Recruitment believes that data science professionals will have a vital role as companies and businesses aim to prompt valuable information for the improvement of consumers’ needs in the future. The combination of data science’s theoretical and practical skills is greatly significant for the digital transformation of companies.

Data specialists are essential for the implementation of plans and strategies for this historic data and the ever-continuing and increasing flow of new data. Data professionals harness technology to gather valuable information from data businesses with knowledge in mathematics, statistics, and computer programming.

The rapid increase in the demand for data-related jobs could be predicted for the coming years as more companies recognize the value and potential of the role. Yet most still haven’t used its full potential. Most companies utilize data to evaluate the current significant factor which is the market and consumer base. 


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Alternative careers as a Data Scientist


This year, we have listed 5 in-demand jobs that you can consider in the Data jobs market in 2022:


  1. Data Analyst


Known as ‘storytellers’ as they look into enormous amounts of data that aren’t visible to others to determine patterns, anomalies, and common threads. They are responsible for the interpretation of large data sets to recognize patterns by using statistical tools and models that will be an added value for companies in formulating projections and predictions. Their role is also diverse which includes closely collaborating with stakeholders - internal & external.


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  1. Machine Learning Engineer


This role is a combination of data scientist and software engineer. They also significantly use AI and machine learning to help companies adopt technologies to predict customer needs. They also work closely with data scientists who created analytical models with the skills of programmers and coders who design software systems to combine the two. If combined, this makes a synergy that helps companies harness the potential of machine learning and AI. 

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  1. Business Intelligence Developer


This role helps in interpreting and displaying data for the decision-making of a company. They are responsible for compiling data and simplifying useful information for the company. They are also the ones creating and maintaining software tools that the company uses to guide business strategies.


Required skills:

Strong data mining skills

Knowledge of data warehouse design

Knowledge in Structured Query Language (SQL)

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  1. Statistician


They are responsible for collecting and interpreting volumes of data. Then, they help determine the latest and upcoming trends and find discrepancies for the management to correct. They are also considered advisors and give ideas for the strategy of the organization.


Required skills:

Strong and effective communication skills

Technical and analytical skills

Strong leadership skills


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