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Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

February 2020

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &

Victor Chen, Senior Recruiter, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 


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Whatever your career path or current job in Hong Kong, the working culture can be stressful at times, especially in IT and Tech, with its infamous '996' culture. With heavy demands and busy schedules, it's important to find that important work/life balance in order to avoid burnout.

Think of the long game

A few years ago, the culture of 'work hard, play hard' reigned supreme. But since then, businesses and careerists alike are waking up to the fact that burnout benefits no one. Businesses know that their productivity and bottom line takes a hit when their employees are off sick. Those same employees know that their career goals will remain elusive if they don't look after themselves. Yes, there will be times when you need to work long hours and deal with extra stress. But it's vital to balance them out to stay physically and mentally well.

Here are some of our favorite tips for maintaining that happy equilibrium.


1. Take your holidays

You know your colleague, who boasts about not taking their full annual leave? Or who has to be prompted to go on holiday? They're not fast-tracking to success in your company, because they'll eventually get sick from over-work. Your holidays are there for a reason. don't try to be a hero. Take leave. Spread it out to enjoy long weekends or enjoy a solid two week holiday away; whatever works for you. Just take it.


2. Rest

Get your 8 hours of sleep. Stop treating sleep, downtime or hobbies as something for the weak. Turn off those digital devices an hour or two before bed and keep your room cool and dark. The more quality sleep you get, the better your live performance will be. With that in mind, be careful about coffee consumption, because it's very easy to drink too much caffeine and struggle to switch off. Ban caffeine after 2 pm.


3. Make time to Get active

IT jobs can often become notoriously sedentary. Being hunched over a screen is no good for your spine or musculature. Find sport and exercise that interests you and ideally do it with other people and get outdoors to benefit from fresh air. Try yoga for posture, running for cardiovascular fitness, CrossFit for community and all-round gains or swimming for meditation and strength. Perhaps team games motivate you; in which case, find a team near you and go and have some fun!


4. Eat right

You know how to eat! A system that relies on processed sugar will become inflamed and, ultimately, sick. Prioritize protein, fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and plenty of water. Enjoy treats in moderation. Try meal prepping so that you can bring a balanced lunch to work and avoid fast food snacks. The better you eat, the better you'll feel.


5. Have fun

Whether you love cycling, seeing family, cooking, reading or creating, it's vital to build in time for fun. Think about what you love doing away from work and make time for it. If you aren't sure what you love doing for fun away from your job in Hong Kong, it's time to find out! All too often, ambitious individuals focus so much on their careers that they forget to focus on the very hobbies and interests that make them well-rounded individuals. Even an hour or two in the week will make you feel more balanced and happy.


6. Spend time with loved ones

It's very easy to cancel plans in favor of immediate work priorities which seem pressing at the time. But time with your loved ones will keep you balanced and well. If your Mum organizes a Sunday lunch - make sure you go to it! If your partner is planning a film night in and a home-cooked meal - get home early to enjoy it. Time with loved ones naturally re-sets your priorities and allows you the headspace to review what's important.




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