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What is the In-demand Tech Talent that Employers and IT Recruiters are Seeking now?

By Vahid Haghzare & Armae Garcia Managing Director & Marketing Associate, 
Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment


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This pandemic has forced the digital modification plans of businesses that lead to the increasing need for developers and workers who are skilled in the field of technology.

As companies drive more digital approaches to their ventures, the need for digital skills is abruptly increasing. Developers, cybersecurity professionals, and cloud migration experts are the most In-demand Tech Talent that Employers and IT Recruiters are prioritizing as these companies aim to the continuing growth and innovation leading to a fast new phase.

Some industry reports that employers posted just shy of 900,000 ads for new tech roles in Q1 2021, representing a 40% increase compared to the third quarter of 2021. This indicates the increasing demand in the thriving tech jobs market. Software developers were classified as the most sought-after profession category, accounting for almost 250,000 job ads posted in the quarter.

The Demand for Developers

In the surge of the pandemic, the demand for developers has been relentless and is known to be one of the major problems in recruitment for employers in the coming months. As stated in survey results, this was evident in 61% of respondents in 15,000 developers and HR managers, which provided proof of the most in-demand development and programming skills among businesses in 2021.

The Survey conducted between October and December 2020 found that 64% of companies were looking to hire up to 50 developers in 2021. Others had even more assertive recruitment targets; 14.4% stated that their goal is to hire 50 to 100 developers, while 13.5% aims to recruit over 100 new developers over the course of 2021.

With the growing demand for coders, background and knowledge in programming languages is also being prioritized by companies who are launching new apps and digital platforms facing a digital transformation.

Surveys also revealed JavaScript, Java, and Python were the most important programming languages for employers, with close to 60% of respondents citing high demand for JavaScript and Java in particular. In the booming of mobile and web apps during the pandemic and from the supports of the survey findings enclosing the need for full-stack and back-end developers, Java stands as the most favored language for building web application backends.

DevOps roles are significantly challenging to fill as anticipated by recruiters. There Is a sudden increase in demand for DevOps workers who are experienced in managing an organization’s cloud infrastructure, and helping companies convey their services to the cloud.

Surveys also revealed that 43% of survey respondents chose DevOps positions as their top recruiting challenge in 2021, then back-end developers (41%), third is full-stack developers (41%), architects (33%) last but not the least is software engineers (24%)

Software Development merges with Operations

DevOps skills are estimated to grow 122% over the next five years, expecting it to be one of the rapidly growing skills in the workforce, as reported by a GitLab Survey. Over 300,000 job openings in the U.S alone are looking for DevOps skills in the past 12 months. 

Employers in the U.K. have also experienced this demand as they had to take on with a foregoing scarcity of digital skills which was prompted by the Brexit and the pandemic.

As companies and firms continue to merge software development with IT operations, research points out a 319.4% accretion in demand for DevOps skills over the 12 months

A more comprehensive overview of the skills needed by companies in the second half of the year, and the positions recruiters and hiring managers across different departments are most demanded to fill.

The five most important positions to be filled out for 2H of 2021 are cloud engineers, front-end developers, business transformation specialists, and database administrators according to chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs).

The results intriguingly changed when CIOs and CTOs are examined on their most valued transitional hires. In this case, frontend developers were the first on their priorities, next is cloud managers, followed by system security specialists, business intelligence specialists, and network/system managers.

Also of increased importance to employers is Software as a service (SaaS) skills by 143.1% and Python 136.5%.

Lastly, professionals of more traditional languages need not stress as there is still continuing great demand for Java and PHP, with those programming languages consistently being In the top 10 technical skills most mentioned in tech job postings. 


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