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5 Latest Resume Trends that will help your Application Stand Out

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 



The job market is constantly changing globally and among all industries, as are the trends in resumes. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment, a prominent IT Recruitment Agency in Hong Kong has proven the significance of an updated and skillfully written resume has remained unchanged.

As with any other trend, some resume trends are worth following and others may seem insignificant and best to just leave behind. Of course, not all trends are worth getting behind. 

Here are five significant tips from SVA Recruitment’s leading Tech Recruiters to help you craft a resume and streamline your application materials that stand out from the Hong Kong crowd. Apply these techniques to your application materials, and you'll find a job in less time in 2023.

1. Make your resume personal and tailored to the job description

IT Recruiters at SVA Recruitment found that employers will be highly interested in soft skills on resumes. In recent studies, it was revealed that the main reason recruiters and hiring managers experience challenges in recruiting new talent is that candidates lack the desired soft skills for the job. 

HR Professionals have yielded conflicting results as to whether this is due to a skills gap or job seekers' inability to communicate effectively. In a report from our IT company partners, a significant gap exists between the skills listed in job ads and those listed on resumes, with job ads containing an average of 21.8 resume skills, while resumes only list an average of 13 skills. In order to combat this trend, jobseekers should closely review the job ads and the company. 

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A job description is a valuable tool for job seekers to use when applying for a new position. To ensure a successful job search in 2023, job seekers should carefully study the requirements listed in any job posting, reflect and add the necessary skills to their resume, and then submit it to potential employers.

It is important to tailor your resume to a job posting. Doing your own research and modifying your skills to match the job description will help you write a resume that gets interviews. Professional employers are always looking for hard skills in potential employees, but they also value the ability to work well with others. 

Today, soft skills such as communication and organizational skills, are becoming more important to employers. Furthermore, having skills such as customer service and solid communication skills, could help you stand out from other candidates with similar educations and work experience if you are able to effectively express these on your resume.

When preparing to apply for a job, research the skills and requirements listed in the job ad and note which of those you possess. Add the following words to your resume using the exact same language as the job description. This will help your resume land into the hands of an employer who can review it in detail.

2. Highlight your Accomplishments & Achievements

Hiring Managers and Tech Recruiters want more than a list of skills from job candidates. They want to know about your accomplishments as well.

IT Recruitment Agencies in Hong Kong advise job applicants to focus on results rather than skills, education or achievements on their resumes. To be most effective, your resume should describe your skills and achievements as well as give a sense of who you are. Include information about a recent successful project, closed deal with a known company, and other projects that you have handled on your resume. IT Recruiters appreciate examples of metrics from past roles because they help assess whether you are a good fit for the position.

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3. Rethink and grow your skillset

If a job search is taking too long, you may want to reassess your skillset. SVA IT Recruiters have reported that they often experience difficulty finding qualified candidates. If you’ve tried to personalize your resume to fit the job ad and failed, you may not have the skills needed for the position. Job ads can be useful for learning which skills your industry values most, and they can also help you determine what you lack in those areas. Job seekers may view job ads as an opportunity to improve their skills, and use them to identify gaps in their resumes.

4. Simplicity is the still Best Policy 

If you are finding it difficult to obtain a job, consider the design of your resume. Jobseekers will likely have to learn to use a resume format that is readable by applicant tracking systems in order to stand out from their competition. 

Before you begin working with the software, review the design of your resume. Remove elements that might be confusing to it. If your resume includes artwork and other graphics, it's wise to use section headers that are easily understood by hiring managers. Using the standard skills, work history, and education headers might push an ATS' buttons. Although a simple, well-organized resume need not be boring, it can be creative and more professionally designed to look attractive. 

You may want to check out our latest CV Templates that will help you successfully land the job you want.

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5. Demonstrate Consistency in your Work Experience

Employers want employees who are committed to their company, not ones who are looking for a new job every few months. This is why most companies offer as many benefits in their job ads. For instance, our clients at SVA Recruitment offer benefits such as medical assistance, Incentives, Annual Leaves, Annual Salary Increases, and much more. Therefore, a steady work history on your resume can help you gain an edge over hiring managers.

Length of employment is important in the current job market. People’s length of stay at their previous jobs is a trend that has changed significantly as employees are more likely to leave their employers early than in the past. 

To highlight your work history, choose a chronological resume template. This format highlights your work history, which is attractive to many employers.

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