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Top 2022 Programming Languages

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment



SQL Increasing the importance of SQL, Python remains on the top.

Since 2017, Python has continued to be the first on the list of IEEE’s top programming languages. IT Recruitment Agency, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment agrees with this, as it has also been the most-in-demand technical language requested by our employers and clients from Shanghai in the software development programming field.

Next in line are C, C++, C# Java, and Javascript. Our Technical Recruiters at SVA Recruitment believe that the increasing intricacy of websites and in-browser tools has made C sustain its place on the list after so many years.

The IEEE uses a combination of manual and automated collection methods to produce its rankings. The nine metrics used include Google search, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and IEEE's Xplore Digital Library and jobs site as well as CareerBuilder and GitHub.


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IEEE Top 10 List

Here are the 10 leading programming languages so far in 2022:

1. Python         
2. C
3. C++
4. C#
5. Java 
6. SQL
7. Javascript
8. R
10. Typescript


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The Rise of SQL as a Leading Programming Language

The most noteworthy trend in the field is the growing popularity of SQL, which ranks number 1 on the IEEE's list of most in-demand jobs. Although SQL may not be the sexiest choice for your next programming language, having some experience with the language can be beneficial.

The strength of SQL is that employers are looking for a combination of skills, not just one or the other. They want SQL coders with experience in another language like C++ or Java. And they want those coders who can also handle SQL queries and reporting requirements.

Our IT Recruiters propose that this is likely a result of the popularity of front-end or middleware layers communicating with back-end databases, usually over networks to exclude local resource constraints.

Even without a networked back-end, it is possible to run a SQL database locally on an installed or single-board computer. The increasing use of databases is another reason why SQL has become the main query language for accessing and managing data stored within databases.

Every developer will have to use databases no matter the field, and SQL is the language most commonly used for that purpose. The rise of streaming architecture, in combination with the popularity of Python and C++, has made it increasingly important for programmers to be able to access an SQL database. 

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Python Continues to Rise as the Most In-demand Programming Language

Python’s uncomplicated system which includes dynamic typing and binding, high-level built-in data structure, and object-oriented programming, make it well-known and reliable for IT pros.

Python's popularity as a programming language is due in part to the availability of libraries that make data analysis and machine learning easier, as well as its compatibility with most major operating systems. 


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