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Best 5 Programming Languages on a major growth to learn in 2022 

By Vahid Haghzare, Director Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment &
Armae Garcia, Marketing Associate, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment 



One of the top IT Recruitment Agencies in Hong KongDubai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore, and Japan, SVA Recruitment is an IT and employment agency that provides jobs, executive search, and recruitment services.

SVA Recruitment also uses tools such as RedMonk, GitHub, and Stack Overflow to track programming languages’ popularity, in turn, which we inform our community of developers about so they can continue upskilling.  

Of course, just because a new programming language 2022 is trending doesn’t mean you should start learning it today. Before deciding on which programming languages to focus on, you must first consider whether any of those will be useful to you and your own work and niche.

Secondly, not every language trending today is going to sustain in popularity. We advise developers to track if the skill continues rising in popularity continues, and only when it looks like it won't be long before the new languages catch up is actually worthwhile investing your time and money to learn. 

With that said, our IT Recruitment Agency experts are confident these top 5 programming languages in 2022 are having become more widespread, are gaining popularity among programmers, and will be in most demand. 

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1. Dart

This programming language is well worth keeping an eye on. Developed by Google as a replacement for JavaScript, Dart has seen a jump in interest among developers in the past year.  

In spite of its relative newness, this programming language is gaining ground as a viable option for developers as an effective tool for web development over the next several years.

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2. TypeScript

Analysts have seen significant growth from this programming language over the past three years, and it is likely to keep growing. 

An extension of JavaScript, TypeScript's popularity has increased in recent years due to the language's speed and ability to interact with existing JavaScript codebases.

3. Swift

Apple launched Swift as an alternate language for Objective-C, which had been the primary programming language for building applications for macOS and iOS. 

Although its use has been slow, new features have been added to the language to keep programmers interested. Since Apple has heavily promoted the language through its channels, it is widely expected to become a success. For the time being, the development of software for the Apple ecosystem continues to be persistent, ensuring that Swift will remain a viable programming language for some time to come.

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4. Kotlin

It’s a popular language on Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey and was cited by HackerRank is an essential skill for developers.

Google declared Kotlin a top-tier programming language for Android development, and it has since become increasingly popular among programmers and developers. No wonder Kotlin is growing in popularity, with all the support it’s getting from its users.

5. R

Despite heavy competition from Python, R remains a popular programming language for data scientists and developers. Language experts say R isn’t likely to be displaced anytime soon, as it is powerful and flexible for research and academic contexts.

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