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CV template from SVA Recruitment is meticulously designed to provide a professional and organized format for individuals looking to showcase their qualifications. Tailored for optimal presentation, this template incorporates industry standards and best practices to help candidates make a lasting impression on potential employers.


Key Features

Professional Presentation

Present your information in a sleek and professional layout, ensuring that essential details are easily accessible to recruiters.



Our template ensures a consistent structure throughout, allowing candidates to make a positive and uniform impression across various applications.



Save valuable time by using our pre-designed layout, allowing you to focus on customizing content to suit specific job applications.


Clarity and Readability

Benefit from clear headings, bullet points, and formatting to enhance readability, making it easy for recruiters to quickly understand your qualifications.



While offering a standardized structure, our template allows for easy customization, enabling you to highlight your unique skills, experiences, and achievements.



 Adapt the template to incorporate your personal branding elements, ensuring a cohesive and professional look for your CV.


ATS Compatibility

Our template is designed to be compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring seamless parsing and understanding by recruitment software.


Sectional Organization

Predefined sections for contact information, objective or summary, education, work experience, skills, and references facilitate easy navigation for employers.


Visual Appeal

Enjoy a visually appealing CV that makes a positive first impression, contributing to your overall professional image.



Our template can be adapted for various industries, career levels, and job types, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs.


Guidance for Content

Benefit from prompts and suggestions for each section, offering guidance on what information to include and helping you craft a comprehensive CV.

Elevate your job search with the Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment CV template – the perfect tool to effectively communicate your qualifications in today's competitive job market.


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Download Template 1 Download Template 2


IT Development
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


IT Infrastructure
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


IT Senior
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


IT Service Engineer
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


Project Manager
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


Web Developer
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


Data Scientist
Download Template 1 Download Template 2


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