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Talent Acquisition


As a prime IT recruitment agency in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dubai, and Japan, we at Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment ensure that companies find the right talent to suit your corporate needs.

We found the need to tailor our approaches to suit the niched sector in order to give our client companies the best talents, and provide our client candidates access to the best IT job in Hong Kong and Asia.

Highly qualified and extremely skilled talents are hard to find, mainly because they already have a stable career in another company. When they do become available, however, these rare moments of availability only last a short while, considering that they have highly demanded and sought-after skills.

Companies always try to win over the most qualified IT and tech professionals looking for a job in Hong Kong and Asia. And the big players are always the ones getting the catch. But with us, you no longer have to compete with big corporations when it comes to acquiring talent.

Why You Should Work with SVA Recruitment

Every company is always on the lookout for the best talents. When it comes to complex and niche industries like IT and tech, finding the perfect employee for your corporate needs is a must. If you work with our IT recruitment agency, you can guarantee that the opportunity to get the perfect candidate will never slip out of your hands.

The rare opportunity to acquire a talent that suits your company’s needs and preferences, while being highly skilled in their specializations, should not be missed. We have access to the best candidates for your business and will make sure to make the best company for candidate matches.

How We Can Help

Because we are committed to finding you the best talent in the industry, our professional recruitment agency team will work with you on an ongoing basis, making sure you have the first pick at all times to the best candidates we speak to every day at their rare moments of availability.

Together, we will prepare and arrange interviews with your desired candidates. We can provide you with feedback and the data you need to make an informed decision on which professional you’d like to hire. To make sure you successfully acquire your pick, we will conduct negotiations management on your behalf to help you secure your candidate.


Through our regular campaigns, we build up lots of data that enables all the latest insights and trends in your industry, competitors, and markets. We can also work on providing tailored, bespoke research, insight, reports, and recommendations


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Silicon Valley Associates is ideally positioned to support the continual demand from tech companies and IT Departments looking to hire in Hong Kong, Asia, and Worldwide. Please let us know if you would further advise on the above topic or your hiring needs


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