Candidate Services

- Consultation

Reserve a time with us to confidentially discuss your career, current situation, and future ambitions. We can answer any questions you may have- your competitiveness in the market, your CV, things you can improve on for your profile, specific companies or hiring managers insight, and much more. Contact us here!

- Job Search 

Through our exhaustive, direct search campaign, we will ensure every potential employer and manager is screened and you have at your discretion all the possible job opportunities available in the market.

- Career Management

We will work with you throughout the course of your professional career, making sure you are making the best decisions for your career and at all times have at your discretion of the best career opportunities available in the market that we come across every day.  

- Latest Insights and Research 

Through our regular campaigns, we always have all the latest insights, data and trends in your function, industry, and markets and can share these with you. We can also work on providing more bespoke, customized research and data to you on request. 

- Referral Scheme

Most of our candidates and clients are referred to us from previous candidates and clients. If you have any recommendations, we are grateful for your introductions and can also share any successful cases with you through various rewards.

- Social Responsibility

We commit to giving 1% of our fees to a charity of our candidate’s choice; supporting those who chose to dedicate their professions to the betterment of our society, or our planet, our health, and the defenseless in need such as children, animals, and our environment.



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