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Sales Director

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For larger companies, their sales and marketing team is usually spearheaded by a Sales Director. The position is a high-ranking executive job that involves crafting sales plans for both national and international platforms, directly reporting to CEOs and other executives to seek approval or feedback regarding sales strategies, and supervising managers and heads within the sales and marketing departments. 

A Sales Director has the most important job of all, which is not limited to keeping tabs on and supervising personnel under his or her leadership. In fact, from them stems all the strategies and plans that keep a business going and maintaining or boosting its profitability. 

Responsibilities of a Sales Director

  • Scout and form strong networks with both big and small players in their industry
  • Overseeing sales managers in the department, usually in different office locations around the world
  • Identifying valuable emerging markets that the company can tap 
  • Foreseeing future sales trends and coming up with plans to adapt or improve existing strategies
  • Serves as the business’s representative in external events and conferences
  • Crafting sales strategies to keep the company competitive, relevant, and profitable.

Are You a Sales Director Looking for a Job in Hong Kong and Asia?

The job of a sales director is wide in scope but can be categorized as maintaining the profitability of the company for the years to come. All industries are prone to rapid change and development, and companies that cannot meet the demands of the times would not see any profit or growth. But Sales Directors can change that. 

With your expertise and well-versity in predicting or foreseeing market trends, you can equip companies with the right strategies and methods either to adapt or turn the market trends to their advantage. 

Looking for a Sales Director job in Hong Kong and Asia? Contact our IT recruitment agency and we’ll help you access suitable companies for your talents and expertise. 




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