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If it’s difficult to hire talent to fill in an executive role, how much more for the position of CEO? The Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking executive in a company. He or she makes the big corporate decisions and calls the shots. Whatever a company is or what it ends up being, is a result of the directives of a Chief Executive Officer. 

Traditionally, CEOs are elected by the company shareholders and the board. But there can arise cases wherein the highest-ranking officer comes from outside the corporation. Considering that it is the pinnacle of the entire company, hiring a Chief Executive Officer externally requires immense and thorough care. 

Responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer

  • Making major corporate decisions
  • Managing overall company operations and corporate resources
  • Communicating with the board of directors and shareholders
  • Being the public face of the company

Are You a CEO Looking for a Job in Hong Kong and Asia?

A company cannot run without a Chief Executive Officer. Otherwise, no one will have the authority to call the shots, make the difficult decisions, and give directives. The coming in of a new CEO is a big deal for any company, as it could affect current operations and the stability of the organization. It can even affect the price of the company’s stocks. 

In order for a new CEO to positively affect the organization, he or she must be clearly able to lead the company. And the employees, even those belonging in lower ranks, must perceive you to be capable as well. The incorporation of a new CEO rewrites the entire landscape of the company, so it needs to be done properly — getting the right talent and matching you perfectly with the needs of the corporation. 

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