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As a specialist recruitment agency in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, SingaporeDubai, and Tokyo, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is having a clear and well-defined set of values that is essential for any organization. They serve as the pillars that guide a company in carrying out its services and growing its business. More than technical competencies, our core values are what help our IT recruitment agency run smoothly. Here at Silicon Valley Associates recruitment, we firmly believe in the importance of commitment, communication, and trust. 



Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment started with a realization that there are few, if not zero, specialist recruitment agencies catering solely to the IT and tech industry. Most professional recruitment consultancy firms have a wide target market, ranging from sales, logistics, retail, etc. But none put their focus on and specialize in the ever-booming and demanding sector of IT and tech. 

This is why we established our company. We wanted to provide specialist IT recruitment agency services to companies and candidates in the industry. We found the need to tailor our approaches to suit the niched sector in order to give our client companies the best talents and provide our client candidates access to the best IT jobs in Hong Kong and Asia

Our commitment to our clients drives everything that we do here in Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment. Our internal procedures, sourcing, research, and the entirety of our services, all boil down to our commitment to providing our clients with only the best opportunities in the IT and tech industry.



We are firm believers that communication is the key to a successful business. In every phase of our services, we make sure that we’re communicating with and understanding our clients. This will help us better provide them with services and solutions that will cater to their needs and foster the growth of their professional careers.

We take the time to:

  • Understand what our client companies are looking for in potential employees.
  • Understand the expertise and specializations of our candidates.
  • Lay down our project plans, deliverables, and timeframe.
  • Introduce our team.
  • Provide weekly progress reports to our clients.
  • Arrange interviews and present feedback.
  • Offer negotiations.
  • Review and discuss each potential candidate.
  • Arrange to follow-up meetings for successful onboarding, and
  • Keep in touch with appointed candidates to provide further assistance



Being a client-centered business, the happiness and satisfaction of our client companies and candidates are our top priority. Our procedures and services are all driven by the interests of our clients, as we take all the measures to ensure that they get nothing short of the best opportunities in the IT and tech industry. We aim to be a professional recruitment agency that our clients can trust when it comes to their professional career growth.



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