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Here at SVA Recruitment, we have a diverse pool of members forming our IT recruitment agency team. Each professional composing our organization plays a big role in carrying out our services for client companies and candidates. 

With each member possessing their own unique skills and expertise, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. This diverse set of individuals are reflections of SVA Recruitment’s core values of commitment, communication, and trust, coming together to help companies and candidates make their mark in the IT and tech industry. 

Meet the Team


Victor Chen
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Originally from the UK, Victor now works in Hong Kong as our company’s Senior Recruitment Consultant. He has been with SVA Recruitment ever since our establishment in 2018, working closely with our client companies and candidates. Victor is very hands-on with our clients, managing the entire operations, speaking to companies and candidates to address their needs, working on projects, and improving our communication and relationships with valued clients.

Email: Victor.Chen@svarecruitment.com


Daryl Galariana
Senior Marketing Associate

Daryl handles all the marketing needs of our professional recruitment agency. Backed by a firm background and extensive experience in marketing, he brings his expertise to the table and helps increase our reach and visibility through various online and offline mediums. Daryl also helps conduct periodical feedback surveys to guarantee the successful onboarding of our clients.

Email: marketing@svarecruitment.com


Katrina Buendia
Senior Sourcing Associate

Katrina started at SVA Recruitment as an administrative assistant, taking charge of day-to-day tasks like managing emails and excel sheets. Her dedication and growth enabled her to thrive and attain a Sourcing Associate position. This puts her in charge of finding IT and tech professionals looking for a job in Hong Kong and Asia, screening potential candidates, and shortlisting talents for our client companies. 

Email: Katrina.Buendia@svarecruitment.com


Gideon Bolia
Senior Sourcing Associate

Gideon is a recent addition as a Sourcing Associate. He has an outstanding background in IT and Tech, with experience working as IT Technical support for a number of years at IBM. His background in the industry makes him a valuable aid to our sourcing department. Every day, Gideon talks to candidates looking for IT jobs in Hong Kong and Asia, with an ability to understanding their expertise, and helping them find companies who are a great match with their specializations.

Email: Gideon.Bolia@svarecruitment.com


Hazel Chiu
Senior Research Associate- IT

Hazel’s job involves looking for companies is a great match for the IT candidates we are working with. Using a systematic and tailored approach, she taps into various platforms, both physical and digital, to find potential companies for our IT and tech candidates. Hazel also plays a role in arranging interviews, setting up calls, and understanding the needs of IT professionals in order for us to better serve them.

Email: Hazel.Chiu@svarecruitment.com


John Badilla
Senior Research Associate- Sales & Marketing

As a Research Associate, John takes charge of undertaking an extensive search to scout for potentially suitable IT & Technology companies for our Sales and Marketing candidates. He profiles the professionals we work with and spends a day in and day out reaching companies from various platforms to find the best match. To connect the candidate to the potential High-Tech company, he helps arrange interviews and set up calls for the successful screening and onboarding of our clients.


Vahid Haghzare 
Managing Director

Vahid is the founder of SVA Recruitment. Originally from the UK, he moved to Beijing, China in 2010 to pursue a job offer which marked his first experience in recruitment. After 10 years working at a senior level with both start-up and Fortune500 Recruitment MNCs, he recognized the need for a recruitment firm focusing solely on the IT and tech industry as pure specialist and started Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment in late 2018. With his experience working with helping MNCs and startups in Asia secure the right talent, Vahid aims to help professionals in the IT and tech industry find the best opportunities for their careers, and employers find the best candidates.

Email: Vahid.Haghzare@svarecruitment.com


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