As an IT recruitment agency, we at SVA Recruitment understand the value of diversity and inclusion. We recognize the importance of involvement and learning from a culture or background different from our own.

Diversity Within the Company

As a testament to our commitment to diversity, we have formed a team of employees belonging to other parts of the globe. We have members of our corporate sphere across Hong Kong, China, Philippines, UK, USA, and UAE. They all come together to provide our valued companies and clients with a professional recruitment consultancy, bearing the name of SVA Recruitment as they carry out their specializations and expertise. 

That means that the people undertaking our daily operations, administrative tasks, research, business development, and those communicating with candidates and companies come from different backgrounds. We recognize the value and skills of talents from all around the globe, and we continuously work to provide them with an environment where they can thrive and innovate.

Service Diversity

Because of our diverse pool of employees, we are able to maintain diversity and inclusion as we run our professional recruitment agency. Here at SVA Recruitment, we do not set revenue as a priority. Instead, our IT recruitment services are customer-centered — and this is what sets us apart.

We put the happiness and growth of our valued clients above all else. We tailor our approach so that companies are matched with the right employees to suit their organization while ensuring that our candidates get nothing short of the best job in Hong Kong and Asia. For us, success means being able to find the right matches of companies and candidates, ensuring happiness and quality service on both ends. 

We firmly believe that by putting the interests of our clients first, we can play a role in providing them with the best opportunities for both personal and career growth.



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