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Brand Story

The business of being a professional recruitment agency is highly prevalent. There are a lot of existing organizations that offer recruitment services for both companies and candidates. But there are only a few if any, specialist recruitment agencies focusing solely on the IT and tech industry. 

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is an IT recruitment in Hong Kong, Singapore, ShanghaiShenzhen, Dubai, and Japan was established from this recognition, aiming to be an IT recruiter catering to this niche sector. We have tailored our services and approach to suit the needs of IT departments in all organizations, as well as pure technology companies. Our name, Silicon Valley Associates, was derived from America’s renowned technological destination, where all IT and tech companies house their headquarters. 

Because we wanted to make sure we specialized in the IT and tech industry, we continue to diligently widen our knowledge about the sector, keep up with trends and news that shape global IT and tech, and innovate our skills and expertise to serve our clients better. 

Customer-Oriented Approach

We recognize the value of our client companies and candidates. Ever since the beginning, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has always been customer-centered instead of revenue-driven. For companies, we understand the importance of finding the right talent to contribute to your business. For candidates, we understand that getting a suitable job in Hong Kong and Asia where you can thrive and innovate is essential. 

Our utmost priority is making sure to provide the best quality of services to our clients, giving them unprecedented access to career opportunities in the IT and tech industry. For us, a successful result is not determined by how much money we make, but more importantly, how many good company-to-candidate matches we have forged, while ensuring that both parties are happy over the course of their professional careers. 

Modern Strategies

The advent of technology has rewritten the way businesses operate, professional recruitment agencies are unexempted. Because of this, traditional recruitment methods that involve cold calling and hard selling have become a thing of the past. Although many professional recruitment agencies still practice the traditional and old-school operating methods, we at Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment have adapted modern strategies in terms of how we run our operations. 

Through modern digital platforms, sales, and marketing efforts, we are maximizing our services and capitalizing on productivity and efficiency to better serve our client companies and candidates. We are utilizing all available resources, and doing all that it takes to help our clients thrive in the IT and tech industry. 



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