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Rejection Email Templates

Effective communication is paramount in fostering positive professional relationships, especially during the hiring process. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment recognizes the significance of clear and respectful communication, particularly when delivering news of rejection. Our rejection email approach is a crucial component of our commitment to transparency and building constructive relationships with both our candidates and client companies.


In every interaction, even those involving rejection, we adhere to principles of professionalism and empathy. We believe that individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the hiring journey. Our rejection email templates are meticulously crafted to convey necessary information while preserving the self-worth of those involved.


"You're Not The Right Fit" Email Template "You're Still In Consideration" Email Template
Not Short-Listed For Interview Template  



Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment prioritizes professionalism and relationship-building throughout the recruitment process. Our rejection email approach exemplifies our dedication to treating every individual with dignity and empathy, fostering positive interactions even in challenging moments.

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