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HOT_HK Junior Developer, ReactJS NodeJS MySQL Python AWS $ 28K HKD


03 / 14 / 2022





Hong Kong


Hong Kong. He is flexible




Experience Summary


3 Years of Work Experience

Some Job Titles / Positions held include: Full Stack Engineer, Associate, and Operation Executive



Current & Previous Employers include: XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX



Higher Diploma in English Studies (2014-2016)




Motives& Seeking

Passively looking because he has been working for the compang for around a year and thinks it is time to try a new environment and he works as a maintaneance and not very much development and looking for a change of environment and learn more about other tech stack & looking for web development like React, NodeJS and open to any other as he would like to learn more.


English- Fluent

Mandarin- Basic

Cantonese- Native




Recent / Current Salary

$ 25K HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

Expected Salary

$ Ideally 28K HKD Per Month Fixed

He is flexible. Depending on the company and if he likes the company.






1 Month

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice





Interview Assessment Notes 




Could you tell me about you? Your current and most recent jobs and employers?

He is a Software developer, working for XXXX for about a year doing full stack, mostly front-end and have to do some coding on the back-end side, have previously taken a bootcamp course, went to XXXX for a working holiday and then joined another company as CS for 2 years.

What skill(s) & experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist so far?

He is good at React and JavaScript and fine with SQL and know how back-end is connected with each to build a web app and main skill is patient to write a code to look at the problem and what kind of problem to solve. Would rate himself 4.5 out of 5 in React and 4 out of 5 in NodeJS, basic connecting and building up databse and flashing data, uploading images, handling of log in and sign up functions

The project he has done in React (NextJS) and NodeJS to handle the  database. They wanted to display some of his product and built a website and used the framework NextJS to build a website. In his job, he is currently building a notification, what user will receive the notification and basically the designer will tell what notification to look like nad different scenario and when cancel th plan, will also receive different kinds of notification and what kind of action they do, the route and the logic behind nad store their record in the database ad in the route will add logic, if they do this and will checkto store notification adn teh system will receive a  notification and display back to the UI. He is using ReactJS (NextJS), NodeJS and MVC design patent structure.

Do you have experience in MySQL / SQL?

He is very familiar with MySQL, also have a lot experience with queries, database structures and would rate himself 4 out of 5 in MySQL and SQL. Also, in XXXX he uses MySQL all the time.

He has done a project when a friend asked him, he used MySQL to build the database, the database required the product and the product with the images and the product can have 1 image and 1 to many relationship between the 2 tables and build up the database structure, like what kind of tables and write the relation between these tables, inside updating data, also flashing, to get, update and delete data.

Do you have Python and AWS experience?

Some experience in Python at the bootcamp where he has been able to build a project in AI ML model but haven’t really been writing Python for a year but thinks can pick-it up easily and would rate himself 3 out of 5 in Python. He also has some experience in AWS for deployment and it is a huge package, updating code programming like DevOPs and knows how to deploy like AWS, like machine to deploy an app and ES3. Would rate himself 3 out of 5 in AWS.

Do you have Machine Learning experience?
Most successful is the project he has done is in the bootcamp, used ML model to train to achieve many things and the project gave him the biggest satisfactory feeling, at that app, can take a photo in Mahjong and can take the photo what each mahjong is and combine them together to give them a result, the name of this possible combination and will give a score.


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Jenivieve, Sourcing Associate

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