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HOT_HK Junior Data Scientist, NLP ML Python Tableau ReactJS $35K HKD


03 / 01 / 2022



Hong Kong IAANG Visa until October



Hong Kong. She is flexible but preferrably not in Cyberport or further (but if salary is good she may consider Cyberport)


Experience Summary

2 Years of Work Experience


Some Job Titles / Positions held include: Application Specialist and Data Scientist


Current & Previous Employers include: XXXX and XXXX



2020 - present

BSc (Hons) Computing (Part-time)


2017 - 2019                   

Higher Diploma in Software Engineer


Motives & Seeking

Actively looking because the situation with Covid has been very serious and prefers wfh set-up and thinks she does not quite suit the education stuff and ppt and would like to do more something related to IT & looking for Data Scientist role and jobs related to systems and website language such as Python, and JavaScript


English- Average


Cantonese- Basic


Recent / Current Salary

$ 33K HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

+ Medical (MPF) / Annual leaves

Expected Salary

$ Ideally 35K HKD Per Month Fixed

+  HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits




1 Month

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice



Interview Assessment Notes 



  1. Could you tell me about you? Your current and most recent jobs and employers?

She recently got a new job, previously she was mostly working in research and in NLP but right now working with blockchain like Ethereum and mainly in education in the company to create some blockchain courses for primary, create some blockchain teaching materials for them, make the official website and doing some corrective movements in exchange market. Her previous job at XXXX, a customer service company, mainly doing NLP work, build models to analyze the data and review data and discuss what they have from the website, grab it and store it in the platform and analyze, in the master’s time she did some prediction work, using her skills like Python, SQL, JS, C, C#, Tableau and React.

  1. What skill(s) & experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist so far?

She specializes in data analysis, data model building and communication. She has 2 years of experience in NLP and Python. Would rate herself 3.5 out of 5 in Python, 4 out of 5 in NLP, and 4 out of 5 in Machine Learning.

She has done a lot of project and many Machine Learning projects like creating many analysis in insurance, XXXX for tourism, to get the data from the internet and some websites and collect the reviews of the customer and clean the invalid data and then needed to find the features and get the sentence into work and get some features using technique, then do Machine Learning and finally get the workload turn into a topic, it is very huge data and they get the most important topics of old data and also find the topic in the data like last year the topic is colder, did many interesting project and presented it to the government.

Another project she has done in her 2nd job in python, they had 1 million network data which is very much, use Python to clean it and 2nd do API to translate 1M reviews to English to Chinese, and then use the Python package PY Cantonese, cut the data and analyze the sentiment trend in those data and some NLP model like TensorFlow and Bert. It solved the company’s problem like need to extract the expectation from the customer such as if they went to the ocean park, if ocean park is good or bad, opinion can be good or bad for company to analyze.

  1. Do you have ReactJS experience?

She has experience in using ReactJS, for the website, iOS and Website design. She is learning and also doing some 2 pages simple website using React recently. She is now involved in education stuff to learn blockchain, use the react language to build the interactive webpage where you can draw the pictures and then can download and upload to blockchain like NFT.



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