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HOT_HK Junior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Python NLP $25K HKD


02 / 00 / 2021


Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Experience Summar



10 Months of Work Experience

Some Job Titles / Positions held include: Research Assistant and Summer Internship

Current & Previous Employers include: XXXX, and XXXX


Aug 2021 – Jun 2023

XXXX, Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics

Sep 2017 – Jun 2021

XXXX, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Motives & Seeking

Pssively looking because with his crrent job it was like a placement made by the master’s program so it is like a place to learn and looking for a better workplace with better benefits, package and the chance to work on innovative projects such as blockchain, crypto currency, federate Learning, and ML. He prefers insurance, banking, MNC or government but is open and will consider other industries based on the JD and  company.


English- Fluent

Cantonese- Native

Japanese- Intermediate

Recent /

$ 16K HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

Expected Salary

$ Ideally 25K HKD Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits

Notice Period

May 2022 after the contarct end

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice

Interview Assessment Notes

  1. Could you tell me about you? Your current and most recent jobs and employers?

He is currently pursuing a part time Msc. and was provided an opportunity at XXXX as research assistant for 9 months and will be until the end of May. Currently working on a project related to Machine Learning for XXXX Alternate Credit Scoring. In the past few months was working on central bank digital currency for XXXX and software development and data analysis for AI-Driven Influencer Management Platform for XXXX.

  1. What skill(s) & experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist so far?

He is strongest in Python to perform ML and Data Analytics and also good at latest technology such as blockchain and federated learning that is more in a concept wise. He has done a final year project that is about the automation of hyperparameter tuning of neural network. Many hyper parameters in ML, especially on Neural network, even Scientist needs a lot of efforts to generate a list for parameters such as for facial expression recognition and object detection, the goal of the project is to see whether the computer can generate a better list of parameters and also to popularize the use of neural networks if the computer can generate even layman can start working on ML projects. The results show that by using this technology his project has improved the process by around 1% and the supervisor appreciated the work and he received a grade of A- and would rate himself 4 out of 5 in Python.

  1. Do you have experience in NLP?

He has some experience in Chinese NLP in his summer internship which was 2 years ago and the main duty was to collect corpus and perform data processing, to perform segmentation and to use open source tools. Would rate himself 2 out of 5 in NLP. Has also has some facial expression recognition experience.

  1. Do you have experience in Machine Learning?

  2. He has done a project in XXXX, it was an alternate credit scoring using federated learning, it is a very innovative project. Working with different banks to try and figure out a way to perform, see and determine the XXXX alternate credit scoring. When XXXX try to ask for loan from the bank since the bank can only refer to their financial statement, which is unreliable, so the bank have to find another way to score their credit and this project is to gather alternative data for credit scoring. Let’s say the XXXX is listed in XXXX , the banks will try to contact with XXXX whether it is willing to be a data partner. XXXX cannot transfer their user data to the banks due to privacy regulations, but it can train a partial ML model and encrypt it using homomorphic encryption and send it to the banks. The banks will combined the received partial model and combine it with their own models or models from other data partner, to help XXXX to get alternate credit scoring from the bank. Would rate himself 4 out of 5 in Machine Learning.


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