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Hot HK IT UI/UX Digital Project Manager




Hong Kong


Hong Kong


 10 years working experience in the IT industry.


Currently working in XXX as Digital Project Manager from 2019-present


Degree: BA Psychology

XXX University


Motives & Seeking

He is actively looking for a job because his company is down-sizing and looks for UI/UX role.





Current Salary

$ 576k HKD Per Year

$ 48k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical

Expected Salary


Notice Period

1 Month

Interview Availability

1 Week

Key Criteria Notes

  1. His strongest technical skill is UI/UX because he has been working for quite long on this skill and us very good in project designing.
  2. Currently he is responsible to manage a project. Communicate with stock holders and customers to ensure project will be delivered on time. He also manages the team.



Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


Any questions regarding this CV or the inviting the candidate for interview, please contact the Recruiter. Terms and conditions apply to all requests, offers and agreements regarding the provision of services, and available upon request.




Language: Cantonese, English & Mandarin

Design Skills: UX & UI Design, Photoshop/Illustrator, Indesign, Premier Pro, Aftereffects, Dreamweaver,  Experience Design, Microsoft office (Words, Excel, Powerpoint), HTML & CSS, Axure, Sketch, Figma


Education & Qualification

(2005-2008) XXX University

Qualification gained: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) , Certificate of Art & Design


(2000-2004) XXX College

Qualification gained: NCEA Level 1-3 , University Entrance


Work Experience

(2019 - present) XXX

Position: Digital project manager

Responsible: Overlooking at the UX & UI process of web & app design; as well as managing the UX UI team to accomplish the UX & UI side of the project

Selected Accomplishments: 

  • UI & UX flow of MDD (Vancouver taxi service app)
  • UI & UX flow of Ying Fung (Repairing service app + Dashboard design)

(2018 -  2019) XXX

Position: Senior UX designer

Responsible: Serves as a UX designer to create a telecommunication and e commerce web and mobile application; also leading 2 junior UX designer to accomplish the project; vendor management; project management (UI UX design)

Selected Accomplishments: 

  • Successfully redesign Club Sim’s mobile user interface and experience.
  • Wechat go’s HK mobile application’s UI & UX
  • Club Travel and The Club e-shop UI & UX design
  • Applying Scrum to IT developing team
  • Co-operating with CSL and marketing team


(2017 - 2018) XXX

Position: UX designer (Team Lead)

Responsible: Serves as a product design leader to create a financial trading web and mobile application, while responsible for handling the company’s backend system.

Selected Accomplishments: 

  • Successfully designed a Financial trading system focusing on the Mainland China Market.
  • Co-operating with European marketing team
  • Delegate tasks to Junior UX designers and Graphic Designers
  • Introducing Scrum to the IT developing team
  • Created a Company Backend CRM system
  • Company branding + image


( 2015 –2017) XXX

Position: UI UX designer

Responsible: Work closely with a multi-disciplinary team as a UI UX design lead to create mobile application that controls our drone while responsible for designing the company’s brand image and graphic design materials.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Designed the mobile remote navigation, user flows, screens and controls. Created interactive prototypes and conducted usability testing to identify design patterns and produce style guide.
  • Delegate tasks to the 3 members of the team
  • Company web interface and experience design
  • Media web interface and experience design (dronesplayer)
  • Digital Marketing SEO + SEM for (dronesplayer + Xdynamics)
  • Company image branding (logo and related graphic design materials)
  • Company’s office interior design in Hong Kong and China
  • Used tools like Google Analytics and Alexia to understand the design’s impact.


(2011 – 2015) XXX

Position: UI UX designer

Responsible: Created new design themes for marketing and collateral materials. Collaborated with creative team to design and produce computer-generated artwork for marketing and promotional materials. Focus on company branding, interior design projects and web + mobile application UI UX design


(2010 – 2011XXX

Position: Junior graphic designer

Responsible: Work closely with the marketing team as a UI UX designer to create the mobile and interactive web application for the company online ebook platform (24reader), while responsible for the company’s graphic design materials.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Company web interface and experience design
  • UI / UX design for 24reader mobile application
  • Decreased page abandonment rates by applying knowledge of user-centered design methods, human-computer interaction and industry best practices to drive useful and usable interface design solutions.
  • Improved client revenues by translating business requirements into user interface design specifications for a variety of mobile applications.
  • Graphic materials of the company
  • Company booth design for Hong Kong book expo


(2006 – 2009)  XXX

Position: Graphic Designer

Responsible: Created new design themes for marketing and collateral materials. Collaborated with creative team to design and produce computer-generated artwork for marketing and promotional materials. Participated in production of print and promotional items for key clients under direction of Marketing Department.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Lead in the design, development and implementation of the graphic, layout, and production communication materials
  • Delegate tasks to 5 members of the design team
  • Supervise the assessment of all graphic materials in order to ensure the quality and accuracy in the design.


Voluntary / Cultural involvement

Voluntary tutor in AUT Chinese community

Voluntary tutor in Yan OI Sa ( Auckland Chapter)

Part time tutor in Kwun Tong Resident Association

BNI (Key Chapter)







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