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Hot HK_IT Traffic Analytics Software Business Development Manager




Hong Kong


Hong Kong


 Over 9 years working experience in the IT industry


Currently working in XXX as Business Development Manager from 2018-present


Degree: Bachelors Degree in Applied Sociology

XXX University


Motives & Seeking

He is open for other job opportunities because the management in his current company has changed and became messy. He is looking for regional exposure and see some potential industries to work on like AI, Analytics, Robotics and Fintech.





Current Salary

$ 576k HKD Per Year

$ 48k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical

+Commission-1-2% of the margin

Expected Salary


Notice Period

1 Month

Interview Availability

1 Week

Key Criteria Notes

  1. In XXX, they provide traffic counting/analytics software to international retail; provide platform for them so that they can get insights about traffic situation/market. Traffic counter- is the hardware part. This is used as an assistance for them to integrate the software.
  2. Region/Scope: Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia(priority)
  3. Specific Target Industry: Retail, Shopping malls
  4. Target/Revenue: $800k USD/Year
  5. Achievement: 40-50% in the last quarter
  6. Day to Day Job: Approach some new customers by linked in messaging or with the internal team to get potential clients. Manage the channel partners in the region. Work closely with different partners.
  7. He is a hunter because he needs to approach new customer directly and get new opportunities. Also, a farmer because he needs to maintain the existing clients.




Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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