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Hot HK_IT Java NoteScript Project Manager




Hong Kong



Hong Kong


 26 years working experience in the IT industry.


Currently working in XXX as Project Manager from 2018-present


Degree: HKAL

XXX College


Motives & Seeking

He is open for new opportunities because his company now doesn’t have the same vision with him regarding his role and the management.





Current Salary

$ 600k HKD Per Year

$ 50k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical

Expected Salary


Notice Period

1 Month

Interview Availability

1 Week

Key Criteria Notes

  1. His strongest technical skill is customer relationship building because in every company he worked on, he has been working on higher management in different areas. Understanding the need of customer so that he can deliver what they really want specifically on the software development.
  2. Has no working experience on Agile and Jira.
  3. Currently, he works on the project plan and co-work with customer’s users to get what they really wanted. And transform that to a solution and let my team to make it happen.
  4. Has more than 6 years Project management experience on software development.



Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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Personal Information



General Information






Job Title:

Project Manager


Personal Information




Chinese (Hong Kong)


Employment Background:



2018 till now

Project Manager


02016- 2018

Project Manager


96- 2014

CEO Assistant & Chief BJ Officer


Group Consultant


GM – IT System

System Solution Manager

Sales Manager

Business Manager

Sales Engineer

Network Administrator


94 –96

Customer Service Rep.


93 –94

Apple Sales


92 –93

Sales Engineer


90 –92

Marketing Assistant


87 - 90

Customer Service


Professional Training  :



1991 :  Sybase Applications Programming ,  Sybase Education

1992  :   Compaq Technical Certification I & II,  Compaq

            Compaq /Novell Integration,  Compaq

1992  :   Netware v3.11 System Manager,  HK Productivity Council

1997  :   Notes Training, Administration and Programming Training, Three Principles Computer Service Co. Ltd.

1997  :   Microsoft Exchange Server Training, Microsoft HK

2012  :   High Certification in Android & IOS Development



Education Background:



1984 - 1987


XXX College

1978 - 1984


XXX School

Experience Summary :



Operating System:

IOS, Android, Windows 2000,

Windows XP, Windows 7,

Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Novell, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, SunOS, Solaris, IBM AIX, AS400



HP, CISCO, Unisys, Macintosh, Dell, BTOS, Lucent, F5


Computer Language:

Notes Scripts, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, Android, JSP, SQL statement, C#


Development Tools:

Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, eclipse


Database Systems:

Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, SQL lite


Application /Software Experience:

Netscape Enterprise Server, Site Server, L DAP Server, Legato Backup, Cool Runner, Web Trend, CISCO Firewall


Industry Experience: 

Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities, Government Organization,

Garment, Manufacturing, Trading, Computer Vendor,




XXX (3M HK project)


Act as Project Manager in Leading 3 SA, 2 IBM Mainframe Dataset Consultant, 2 IBM Token Ring & AS400 System Engineer, 10 Sybase Programmer, Help Housing to move IBM Mainframe TPMS System to Middle-Frame Unix of IBM AS400. Using Sybase Database & PowerBuilder to generate front-end client.


XXX(6M HK Project)


Act as System Manager in Leading 2 database administrator & 20+ data input operator inputing warehousing inventory in Oracle Database. Dump & merge the Database into Oracle Finance System for upgrade the paper warehousing system into computing System.




(450M market value at list day)

As a member of top management team to work with the chairman. Co-work with lawyer, auditor to explain and clarify for the project progress. And get the first list in XXX(8028) in Hong Kong at 1999/11/28


XXX(1.5M HK Project)


Act as System & Networking Manager Leading 2 System Administrator , 1 Database Administrator & 2 Networking Administrator to help in Building the XXX website in Oracle Database, Cisco Router in Due Internet Connection & help internal developer to deploy the website for testing & production.




Act as System Manager to deploy the Search Engine into the Government Server and Maintenance the system for smooth running.



(3M China Project)


Act as System & Project Manager leading 10 developer,3 designer, 2 System administrator in building the website & using internal programming methodology for fast developing with Oracle Database & PowerBuilder. Using C++ to rebuild the TV Monitoring System for Government Control in all Board casting TV program.


XXX (4.5M China Project)


Act as System & Project Manager leading 15 QingHua U IT Student , 2 System – Database Administrator , 3 designer & 1 Sale. From Bidding the Project, Design, Programming, deploying , training within the project. Using Oracle, Cisco, Imail, Dream-ware, power builder to completed the OA system for the XXX Sports Bureau


XXX(1.5M China Project)


A IBM can't confrim 3 month completed project. And the Customer search all around in XXX. Act as Project Director help in development, design, negotiation the need of customer. Helping both in programming & System administrator in building the website, testing & also installation , and making the System online within 3 month.


XXX (0.8M China Project)


Act as Project Director helping the development team to develop & making the system online in 2 month.


XXX (5M China Project,First Country classification before)


Act as Co-project Manager(Only one ex-china personal) helping in consultant job for 15 QingHua IT Student. The system using custom make Linux with Self design server farm. Using Cobol Language, C in building spider to search around the world website for news of Space Observation. Giving the result and vote for the SpaceShip Launching Time Table for Country




(over 100M business)

Selling XXX Software Park Share, Timeless (TianNan) Zhu Hai subsidiary and new shareholder investigate for the corporate.




Act as Project Manager helping to communicate with client. Mange the development team(7), QA(3) team and BA(2) team. The system is a self develop system by Praemium base on the Microsoft Dynamic CRM solution using C# and java script. It integrate with DSB some online system using IBM MQ system. And base on the F5 load balancing system to have two-tier system architect such to have good performance. The system will use by all the RM,BM,DM.BO within Hong Kong , such that XXX can carry out some customize campaign for target customer. 




Act as Project Manager helping to communicate with client. Mange the development 2AP team. The system is a self develop system by HiSun  solution using Cobal and java script. XXX upgrading the Core Banking System and Interface. Such need to change the interface between the Core System and the other bank system’s interface.













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