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Hot HK_IT Java, Microservices AWS Senior Software Engineer


Late 20’s



Employment Visa


Hong Kong


 7 years working experience in the IT industry on software development.


Currently working in XXX as Senior Software Engineer from 2019-present.


Degree: BTECH Electronics and Communication

XXX University


Degree: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Major in Operations Management

XXX University

Motives & Seeking

He is open for other job opportunities because the domain he is working now which is auditing and assessment is not interesting for him. He is interested to work for a company that is more on AWS jobs.




Current Salary

$ 432k HKD Per Year

$ 36k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical


Expected Salary


Notice Period

1 Month

Interview Availability

1 Week

Key Criteria Notes

  1.  His strongest technical skills are Java, Spring Boot, Microservices and AWS because he spends most of his time using these languages in his work.
  2. Has 7 years working experience on Java. In his current work, he used it to create certain auditing pages and some correction order report. He rates himself 4.
  3. Has 2.5 years working experience on JS. He used it in his previous project which is an XXX. Also, in XXX, he develops a loyalty program for the company. He rates himself 3.5
  4. Has 2 years working experience on Angular. He also used it in XXX, same project as JS. He rates himself 3.5
  5. Currently, he is doing web development part. He basically works on the Java side. Implement the requirements needed. He also does some AWS parts and DevOps section like deployment of code on the servers.


Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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