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“Hot HK_IT Java, J2EE, JavaScript Developer”




Hong Kong


Hong Kong


Over 20 years working experience in the IT industry. Has worked in telecommunications and banking domain.


His last job was at XXX as IT Support Specialist from 2016- 2019. He resigned because he needs to take care of his mother due to stroke.


Degree: BA(Hons) in Computing Studies

University: XXX University

Motives & Seeking

He is immediately available and is looking for Data Operations or Programming roles.





Current Salary

$ 240k HKD Per Year

$ 20k HKD Per Month Fixed


Expected Salary


Notice Period

Immediately Available

Interview Availability

Immediately Available

Key Criteria Notes

  1. Has 3 years working experience on J2EE. He used it mainly on webpage application development. Has done several projects on Finance and banking. Has used other webpage tools such as JavaScript, Servlet and Spring Hibernate. He rates himself 4.
  2. Has 3 years working experience on JavaScript. He used it in programming system design and maintenance. He rates himself 3.
  3. Has 2 years working experience on Spring Hibernate. Has done project where he builds interphase to link to particular interphase. It receives data and do the transformation from one interphase to another; data conversion. He rates himself 3.
  4. Has also working experience on C++, Python and HTML.
  5. His strongest skill is programming because he likes coding and programming compare to other tasks.




Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


Any questions regarding this CV or the inviting the candidate for interview, please contact the Recruiter. Terms and conditions apply to all requests, offers and agreements regarding the provision of services, and available upon request.











Name                :  XXX


Sex                   :  Male



  1. XXX Secondary School





Additional Maths.                         A

Maths.                                           A

Chemistry                                     B

 Physics                                         B

Biology                                         B

English Language (Syllabus B)    B

Chinese Language                         D


2. XXX Secondary School (1984 ~ 1986)


HKALE (1986)


Chemistry           A

Physics                E

Pure Maths.         C

 Use of English    D


3. XXX University (1986 ~ 1990)

    BA(Hons) in Computing Studies


4. XXX University (2010 ~ 2013)

     Post-graduate diploma in Electronic and Information Engineering (Major in Multimedia signal processing and communication - With Distinction Grade)





IEEE Member 2019

IEEE Control Systems Society Member 2019

IEEE Signal Processing Society Member 2019

IEEE Communication Society Member 2019


Oracle Certified Associate - 1Z0-803 Java SE 7 Programmer I

(Passed – 29/10/2013)


Oracle Certified Associate - 1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I (Passed – 27/10/2013)





  1. The vice-chairman of the House in Form 6 and 7
  2. The chairman of Science Association





  1. XXX (1988 - 1989)

 (Software Student Trainee)


Quality Assurance, Programming & System Support on VAX/VMS/ULTRIX/UNIX using VAX C/COBOL/BASIC, TDMS, All-in-1, Rdb


2.  XXX (1990 - 1991)

     Software Consultancy (Contract Computer Programmer)


 Project follow-up and programming of the prototype of the

 software product : Stock Brokerage System using Borland  C/C++, 

Microsoft Macro Assembler on DOS 5.0 platform


3. XXX (1991 - 1994)

    Software Development Department (Programmer)


System Analysis, Design, Programming and Support on the

following products :


  • Accouting Application for a Trading Firm (Using Pro*C, Oracle on VAX/VMS)
  • Human Resource (Personnel) Package (Using Clipper/Dbase on DOS 5.0)
  • Banking (Finances) Application (Using Visual C/C++ on Windows 3.1)


4.  XXX (1995 - 1997)

     MIS Department    (Contract Programmer)


    System analysis, design & programming and support of the following products


  • Platinum Accounting Package (Using Visual C/C++, 4GL Magic on DOS 5.1 platform)
  • System Administration on Novell Netware 3.11 & 3.12
  • Web Site Design, Programming and Administration

(www.qingcheng.com) (Using  Java/Servlet/Applet, ASP 2.0, Microsoft SQL/Access on Microsoft NT platform)


5.  XXX  (1997 - 1998)

     AFCO Dept.,  (Temporary Analyst Programmer)


  • System Administration ans Support on SUN/Solaris System in OCTOPUS Center




1998 –1999)


Part-time/Freelance in Programming Job


  1.   XXX  (1999 - 1999)

R & D  Dept.,  (Contract Development Specialist)


System Analysis, Design,  Programming and System Support on the following products:


  • Mobile Messaging Application (Short Message Application on GSM Mobile Phone through TCP/IP network)

     using Java 1.2 on Window NT platform

  • E-Commerce Application on Trading & Forex using Palm Pilot V and GSM Short Message Services (Using CodeWarrior C on Window NT platform)
  • Web Site Design & Administration (www.media60x.com)  (Using ASP 2.0, PHP3 ,PowerBuilder/SyBase on Window NT platform)


(1999 –2000)


Part-time/Freelance in Programming Job


  1.   XXX (2000 - 2000)

CMS Dept. (Contract Software Developer)


System Analysis, Design, Programming & Support on the web site



  • Voting System
  • User-Designed Home Page
  • Inews,  Isports

       (Using ASP 2.0, PHP3, Powerbuilder 6.5/Sybase, XML on UNIX


  • Employee Payroll System

(Using J2EE, EJB, JSP/HTML/Javascript,  SyBase/Oracle 9i, SQL/PLSQL, WebLogic Application Server, etc on Window NT platform)


  1. XXX  (2000- 2006)

Analyst Programmer


  • In-house web site System Analysis, Design, Programming for  Employee Payroll System, Personnel System, Billing & CRM Systems


 (Using J2EE, EJB, Java Servlet/JSP,  HTML/JavaScript,

 MySQL/ORACLE 9i, SQL/PL-SQL, Tomcat and JBoss Application

 Server, etc on Window NT or UNIX platform)



(2006 –2007)


  Part-time/Freelance in Programming Job

   XXX (2007 –2010)


Senior Information Technology Officer


 System Analysis, Design and Programming on Web Based Registration

System for Electrical/Mechanical Workers, Lift/Escalator, Gas

Instruments and consumer products


(Using J2EE - JDBC, Java Servlet/JSP/HTML/Javascript, Struts 1.2,

 Toads, JDeveloper, Oracle 9i, SQL/PLSQL, WebLogic Application

 Server, Visual Source Safe,  etc on Window and UNIX platform)




(2010  -  2011)  


       Full-Time Study of course Post-graduate Diploma in Information &

 Information  Engineering (XXX  University)


  1.  XXX  (2011 – 2012)

Contract Analyst Programmer


 System Programming and System Testing on Student Education & Administration System


      (Using Argos Report Tools, degreeWorks, Toads, J2EE, Java

Servlet/JSP/HTML/Javascript,  Struts/Spring/Hibernate,  Oracle 10g,

 SQL/PL-SQL, WorkCenter , WebLogic Application Server,  Eclipse IDE, etc On Window and UNIX platform)


(2012 – 2012)


       Part-time/Freelance in Programming Job



11.           XXX

(10/2012 –04/2013)


Seconded to Bank of China (HK) Limited


Contract Analyst Programmer


System Analysis/Design, Programming, System Testing and Support on Financial Information Systems in Bank of China (HK)


(Using  J2EE, Java Servlet/JSP,  Javascript/HTML ,  Struts/Hibernate/Spring, Oracle 10g, SQL/PL-SQL, Websphere MQ Application Server,  Eclipse IDE, etc  on Window and UNIX platform)



12.            XXX

(2013 –  2014)


      Seconded to Correctional Services Department, HKSAR


      Contract Analyst Programmer


System Support  on Quarter Allocation & HR Administration System


(Using  J2EE, Java Servlet/JSP,  Javascript/HTML, Oracle 11g, Tomcat Application Server,  Eclipse IDE, etc  on Window platform)


  1.   XXX  (2014 - 2015)

           MIS Dept. (Analyst Programmer)


System Analysis, Design, Programming & Support on RSS System

      (Billing, Finance and Customer Services Application)


(Using J2EE, Struts 2 , Hibernate, SQL Server etc on Window Platforms)


(07/2015 – 11/2015)


       Part-time/Freelance in Programming Job


14     XXX  (2016 - 2019)


Seconded to  HGC Data Centre Limited and KMB Motor Bus Limnited


   IT Support Specialist (Data Center Operation)





English,  Chinese, Cantonese





Any time available




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