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Hong Kong


Hong Kong


12 years working experience in the IT industry. Has worked in financial, government, NGO’s and vendor side domain.


His last job was at XXX as Technical Lead from 2018- 2018. Since then, he didn’t work to treat his allergy problem.  


Degree: BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering

XXX University



Motives & Seeking

He is immediately available and is looking for Java developer roles and system design. 





Current Salary

$ 720k HKD Per Year

$ 60k HKD Per Month Fixed


Expected Salary


Notice Period

Immediately Available

Interview Availability

Immediately Available

Key Criteria Notes

  1. Has 12 years working experience on Java. When he worked in XXX as Analyst Programmer, he worked for news distribution system using Java. Also, in XXX, he worked for a chart engine and in XXX, he worked for the document scanning system. He rates himself 4.
  2. Has 10 years working experience on JavaScript. He used it for some XXX projects. Also, he used it for web page and rates himself 4.
  3. Has 2 years working experience on PHP. HE used it to engineer some web pages for clients. He rates himself 3.
  4. Has 2 years working experience on Angular. He also used it in the document scanning system and rates himself 2.
  5. His strongest skill is Java because he has worked for many years and has done many Java projects.


Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


Any questions regarding this CV or the inviting the candidate for interview, please contact the Recruiter. Terms and conditions apply to all requests, offers and agreements regarding the provision of services, and available upon request.



Personal Information

Name                          :      XXX                                          

Date Available         :      immediate


Programming languages


Server container


Source code management


Operating Systems

Java (9)































Angular JS(7)




Skills(10 is full mark)











Working History

Company                          :     XXX                                                                                    2018 –2018

Title                                    :     Technical Lead                                                                (Contract)

Achievements           :  1.) work on the e-banking system for the enhancement and new requirements imposed by XXX which is to be highly disciplined in accord to SFC requirement and stable for 24 hours non-stop operation making use of the practice of the DevOps

                                       2.) maintenance of the mobile app system to get user input as well as simultaneously fetch real time data using MQ, under the complicated architecture to maintain the system in three difference languages

                                                              Technologies used: Core Java(eg, OOPS), Eclipse, Oracle, Git, Spring Boot, JMS,  Maven, Jenkins, RTC


Government Department :     XXX                                                                                      2017 –2018

Title                                    :     System Analyst                                                                          (T Contract)

Achievements                :     1.) Ongoing development on XXX mainly for document scanning with over 100GB per month of data flow making use of the practice of DevOps, resolving various difficulties such as JavaApplet multithreading problems which no ones in the team able to solve, to do the stress test, and to change the integrating API from ordinary DB system to Amazon AWS Cloud big data system.

                                             2.) Fetching requirements and demonstrating the newly implemented features to six groups of users, such as to improve the GUI components and the work flow

      Technologies used: Core Java(eg, OOPS), Applet, RAD, Angular JS, WebSphere, Oracle, IBatis, Git, Bash Scripting in Linux, Jenkins, Maven


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                                 2014 –2017

Title                                    :     System Analyst                                                                             (Contract)

Duties                                :     1.) Ongoing enhancements on a monthly statement system, XXX, such as inventing and implementing a revolutionary approach of storing the dynamic fields requirements data into database for internal staff of various systems to login, processing as large volume of data as up to a million per day following the SDLC practice and writing the >10 corresponding documents

                                             2.) Interfacing with other systems about data transmission to accomplish some tasks, eg, to get a list of branch and department codes to verify the value inputted by users, to send information to a statement printing system and to inquire to view the statement from the statement storage system

                                                                                               3.) Providing a program sorting some RRC-specific data for other team as well as  API and user manual including every details all by myself

                                                                Technologies used: Core Java(eg, OOPS), RAD, Javascript, JSP, WebSphere, Struts, DB2, ClearCase


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                            2013 - 2014

Title                                    :     Senior Analyst Programmer                                                 (Contract)

Duties                                :     1.) Debug, deploy, document and DB tune according to change requests of  EProcurement System of OGCIO at a fast rate of one change request per day

                                                 2.) Improving DB performances by analyzing the bottleneck and reindexing
                                                 3.) Maintain framework such as upgrading the relevant jars and configurations

                                                  4.) Implement full stack change requests of Common Interface Gateway of Clinics Management system from staff of Department of Health

                                                   5.) Maintain(On-call 24 hours, web-service, db management) LDAP, DB, email services involves 10 Oracle servers of Common Interface Gateway


                                                   Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS), Eclipse, Javascript, JSP, Tomcat, Struts, Windows, Jboss, ADF, WebLogic, Oracle


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                          2011 –2013

Title                                    :     Analyst Programmer                                                            (Permanent)

Duties                                :     1.) Maintain the Chart Server, an engine to draw up to ten types of graphs for prices of securities such as stocks and warrants, which no one takes care of for a year, fix to display the missing scaling and draw the graph more accurately

Maintain a news transfer system, operates across up to 30 servers, which process nearly a thousand pieces of news everyday

Partially manage the team of 6 to consolidate the requirements for mainland colleagues, monitoring the progress and check the work done to maintain the data transfer system which is responsible for getting real-time data from HKEX and providing root data source of our main business

Enhance the company’s most profitable and competitive product FME/FIE, real time information and news delivery service. Users can trigger on up to 30 daughter windows and organize them anywhere they like

Maintain the mass email sending system for >100,000 recipients, such as develop a feature to check whether the mail recipient read the email, simplify the processing, and provide a tailer-made GUI for non-technical colleagues

Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS), Eclipse, JavaApplet, Tomcat, JSP, Javascript, Linux, MySQL


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                                 2009 –2011

Title                                    :     Analyst Programmer                                                                   (Permanent)

Duties                                :     1. Develop from the scratch technically all by myself the DataFeed system to distribute up to 500 pieces of news per day to feed the news to clients such as Citibank and Goldman Sachs, solving the later on security issue such as preventing large amount of requests from an unknown source

                                                                                        2.Develop front-ended side of content framing

                                                                                         3. Being held responsible for the middle tier of the real-time price reporting system with the amount of data flow up to several hundreds of Mb.

                                                                                          4.Implementation of the enhancement projects such as XXX

Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS, socket, multithreading), Eclipse, JSP, Spring Framework, Tomcat, Socket, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, Linux, MySQL


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                         2008 –  2009

Title                                    :     Assistant Software Consultant                                           (Permanent)

Duties                                :     1.) Modifications of existing SFA modules for sales force of the entire company

                                                  2.) Follow-up on the issues such as CRM and online purchase of the Fortress website

3.) Develop an internal property rental management website for Sino Group

                                                   4.) Add-on features on HK government AFCD application internal operations and       storing data

Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS), Eclipse, JSP, Tomcat, Oracle, MS ASP.NET, MSSQL, FoxPro


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                          2007 –2008

Title                                    :     Programmer                                                                           (Permanent)

Duties                                :     Maintaining the full stack of the Event and Newsletter Management

Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS), Eclipse, HTML, Javascript, JSP, Ajax, Tomcat, Struts, MySQL


Company                          :     XXX                                                                                         2006 - 2007

Title                                    :     Junior Software Engineer                                                   (Permanent)

Duties                                :     Maintaining the full stack of the company website

Technologies used: Core Java(OOPS), Eclipse, Javascript, Tomcat, Spring Framework, MySQL, Ant


Education & Qualification Achievement

Pass the XXX with results 4A 2B

Pass the XXX with results 1A 2B

Certificate of Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi(PSC) Test

BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering - The University of Hong Kong


Language Spoken and Written

Spoken         :                       Native in Cantonese; Fluency in English and Mandarin

Written        :                       Good in Chinese and English

Salary Expected                                                               :               HK$50K-60K/Month x 12 negotiable








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