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 3.5 years working experience in the Financial Services industry.


Currently working in XXX in Project Management,Analytcis and New Initiatives  from 2017-present



Masters in Business Administration,  XXX University


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering

XXX University


Motives & Seeking

He is open for other job opportunities because he wants to look for an exciting jobs for his career growth and development




Current Salary

$ 500k HKD Per Year

$ 41.2k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical

Expected Salary


Notice Period

1.5 Months

Interview Availability

1 Month

Key Criteria Notes

  1. Has 3.5 years of experience in Project Management, Advanced Analytics and Strategy Management. He has led and delivered 10+ projects.
  2. Has 1 .5 years working experience on Agile and has done 3 projects where he used the Agile methodology for faster parallel delivery. He rates himself 4. He is also proficient in the Six Sigma project management approach and has delivered 5 projects.
  3. Currently he reports to the Head – Business Excellence & HR. Handles the strategy, project management and analytics. He is proficient in dealing with multiple departments, senior stakeholders, tech teams and external vendors.
  4. Has been awarded as a ’Promising Star’ (top 80 among 18,000 employees) and nominated as an ‘Emerging Professional’ (top 200 among 140,000 employees)
  5. His strongest technical skills are Python, Advanced Analytics and ML. He is regularly invited to take sessions on these by professors in XXX University . Also did academic review of an upcoming book on blockchain.



Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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A seasoned project manager and an experienced technologist with exposure across Fortune 500 companies to new age organizations. I enable organizations in formulation & governance of organizational strategy and end to end implementation of projects. I am hands-on with skills in project management, data analytics and cutting-edge technologies. Envision extending my capacities towards exciting global challenges.



Role: Project Management, Analytics & New Initiatives

Project Management

  • Responsible for management of entire project lifecycle from conceptualisation to closure (PMI/Six Sigma Approach)
  • Developing business case documents and undertaking feasibility studies to determine cot-benefit of the project
  • Building the project plan along with key stakeholders, sponsors, SMEs, implementors, reviewers and users
  • Ensure creation of CLEAR/SMART goals, responsibility matrix, risk assessment, milestones and timelines
  • Building KPIs and tracking mechanisms as per the approved schedules, cost and budgets
  • Driving the projects while managing the constraints of time, scope, quality and cost
  • Ensuring proper review, handover and closure of projects with documentation


2017 - Present


Projects Delivered:

  • Data Warehouse: Building a DWH to collect all data related to an employee lifecycle across multiple HR systems at one center
  • Automated Dashboards: Using Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning to generate pro-active insights for sharper decisions from DWH
  • Geo-location/Expense Management – An Uber like app for travel expense management but on Web for higher adoption (first in the industry)
  • Cost savings of 33% annually | Process Time Reduction by 80%
  • Hiring Management System – Delivered an intuitive, customer-centric hiring management system for the HR team
  • Process Time Reduction by 50% | Connected with legacy systems with RPAs
  • Productivity & Incentive Management – Automated system for calculating productivity and sales incentives across 9 LOBs (300+ combinations)
  • Learning Management – A system to plan training interventions, attendance & record management and measure training effectiveness
  • Evaluation and implementation of emerge-tech into conventional processes: AI | ML | IOT | Blockchains | Augmented Reality
  • Evaluating the automation index and process maturity for the entire Admin, Business Excellence and HR departments for automation



Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

  • Translating the organisation strategy into measurable KPIs and milestones with relevant stakeholders
  • Cascading the organisation’s goals from senior management to the employees at the last mile
  • Evangelising and implementing the Balanced Scorecard for the organization and all Lines of Business (LOBs)
  • Driving organisation-wide business reviews to be enabled upon the BSC (across length & breadth)


Business Analytics

  • Descriptive, Inferential and Predictive Analytics of HR data and trends for pro-active decision making
  • Advanced analytics using coding in Python and projecting visualisations of analysis using Rapidminer/Tableau/PowerBI
  • Development of portals that automate the collection of data, processing of information and application of analytical models



  • Awarded as the ‘Promising Star’ in the ABC Awards 2019 (among the top 80 in an organisation of 18,000 employees)
  • Nominated in the ‘Emerging Professional’ category for the Aditya Birla Group awards (top 240 among 140,000 employees)


Role: Strategy & Project Management

Strategy: CHRO’s Office

  • Spearheading the creation of the nation-wide HR strategy under the Head-HR (~30,000 employees)
  • Development of HR strategy plan with internal/external surveys and Senior Management inputs
  • Creating tracking mechanisms, KPIs and processes to drive implementation of the strategic plan
  • Ensuring proper implementation with communication, stakeholder management and governance metrics
  • Accountable for preparation of monthly strategic reviews by MD & CEO of the organization



2016 – 2017

Project Management

  • Business case evaluation and feasibility study for opportunities in increasing the top line and bottom line financials
  • Identification and evaluation of business opportunities and developing action plans to deliver on the areas
  • Creating a project plan, governance mechanism and KPIs for tracking the success of project plan
  • Driving relevant stakeholders, subject matter experts and project sponsor leads to deliver on the project outcomes
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously:
  • Customer Retention: Primary & secondary analysis of customer data to plug the attrition at all stages of customer lifecycle o HRMS Implementation: Project support towards:

Feasibility study of use case and gap areas

Evaluation of external solution providers

Building a project plan with IT, HR and Operations team


  • Call Centre Productivity: Deep-dive analytics and recommendations led to early achievement of team targets
  • Talent Pipeline: Created an external talent pipeline for 20+ critical roles in the organization ; hired personally for 10 critical roles


Analytics & Dashboards

  • Enabling sharper decision making through analysis of department level dashboards for the MD & CEO for multiple departments

















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