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Hot HK_IT Filipino C# .Net Software Engineer Intern





Student Visa-Eligible for IANG


Hong Kong


 1.5 years working experience on software development


His last internship was at XXX as Software Engineering Intern from 2019- 2020.


Degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

XXX University

Motives & Seeking

He is expected to graduate in June 2020. He is interested on server and database management. Server design specifically sending project into production.




Current Salary

$ 144k HKD Per Year

$ 12k HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical


Expected Salary


Notice Period

Available before June 2020

Interview Availability

Available before June 2020

Key Criteria Notes

  1. His strongest technical skill is system design because he has done several studies regarding this specifically database management.
  2. Has 1 year working experience on C#. In XXX, he used .Net for website server and database project. The website server is mainly written on C#. He rates himself 4.5
  3. Has more than 1.5 years working experience on Python. In XXX, where he was a Research Assistant, he develops a machine learning model for computer vision. In XXX, he used python to develop AI module to be used in pipeline for the company. He rates himself 4.
  4. Has 6 months working experience on JavaScript and used it in XXX to do the website and Nodejs, Microservices for different client needs. He rates himself 4.
  5. Currently, he does mainly on full stack development but more on the back-end. For the front-end, he used Nodejs to modify the website for some validation and do microservices and C# for legacy code and make amendments and add features.


Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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