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Hot HK IT_Device Driver Senior MIS Manager




Hong Kong


Hong Kong


30 years working experience in the IT Industry. The 1st half of his career was on software development and the other years was on database programming


His last job was at XXX as the Senior MIS Manager from 2010- 2020.  


Degree: B.S. Mathematics 1989

XXX University


Degree: Bachelor of Business & Administration 1999

XXX University


Degree: MBA 2004

XXX University


Degree: Master of Science Information Technology 2009

XXX University

Motives & Seeking

He is immediately available and is  looking for opportunities and wants any management job/role in the IT area. He is also looking for a company that would help him for his career growth and development and he wants more challenges and will maximize his skills and knowledge.





Current Salary

$ 636K HKD Per Year

$ 53K HKD Per Month Fixed

+  Bonus

+ Medical

Expected Salary


Notice Period

Immediately Available

Interview Availability

Immediately Available

Key Criteria Notes

  1. His strongest technical skills are device driver and mobile development because he has more exposure on database programming.
  2. He has experience in using JAVA and SQL in his jobs and roles. He rates himself 4 for JAVA and 5 for SQL out of 5. He used the SQL Programming for Microsoft SQL server, for calculation in XXX and XXX.  On the other hand, he used JAVA for web development, in conversion and transferring data.
  3. Has no working experience on Agile and Jira.
  4. In his last job as the Senior MIS Manager of XXX, he is responsible for the management jobs. He oversees the entire strategic IT planning for the organization. The scope of his duty includes standard software and hardware logistics, IT policy development and future IT planning, WAN networking development, web site hosting, and customized software application development in various platforms (PC & Mac).
  5. Has almost 20 years Project management experience on software development.



Victor Chen


+852 6700 6472


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To apply for the IT Manager opening in your esteem organization



Master of Science Information Technology

XXX University

(Jun. 2009)


XXX University

(Jun. 2004)

Bachelor of Business & Administration

XXX University

(Jun. 1999)

Windows Programming Certificate

XXX University

(June 1992)

B.S. Mathematics

XXX University

(June 1989)



HK SAR Residency

US Residency


Work Experience:

XXX (Since Apr. 2010)

Senior MIS Manager

I have been serving as the Senior MIS Manager of XXX (a garment trading company) since Apr. 2010, and my major job duties are as follows:


·         To oversee the entire strategic IT planning for the organization.  My scope of duty includes standard software and hardware logistics, IT policy development and future IT planning, WAN networking development, web site hosting, and customized software application development in various platforms (PC & Mac).


Some of the customized systems are designed and developed by Client-Server or multi-tier technology, and we are in a process to extend our systems to be web accessible by applying Xcode to transfer information from our network to iPhone or iPad devices.



(1995 to 2010)
MIS Manager


Developed a WAN (through Lease line connectivity) environment among her Hong Kong office and her mainland offices.  Those systems were as follows:

·         MDM System (XXX Data Mining System)

·         MRP System (Material Requirement Planning System)

·         PPS System (Personnel, Payroll, & MPF System)

·         POSS System (Point of Sale System)

·         PCS System (Production Control System – WAN base application)

·         DSS System (Document Scanning System)

·         EDI Systems (Monitoring and supporting our EDI systems from EDI Asia and Avery Dennison)


All those systems were designed and constructed by the latest Client-Server technology, and all of them were developed under PowerBuilder 5.x to 8.x with M.S. SQL server 2000 to 2008 or Oracle 9i database engine on Windows NT Server.

·      MDM (XXX Data Mining System) – It was a historical data mining system that collects all other XXX systems’ data for sales distribution analysis or financial budgeting planning purpose.

·      MRP (Material Requirement Planning) System – It was a process control and job lot costing system; departments in the company rely on that system to carry on her daily routine operations.

·      PPS (Personnel & Payroll System) -- It was a customized personnel & payroll system mainly focuses on payroll & MPF calculation in order to provide various kinds of reports or analysis for the management.

·      POSS (Point of Sale System) – The POSS system was divided into three major sections:  the central warehouse, the remote warehouse, and the retail shop.  The central warehouse section controlled all stock distributions and recorded all stock daily movements plus retail sale transactions.  The remote warehouse system was for all offsite warehouses to connect with the main system through a modem.  The Retail shop system was for all retail shops daily POS transactions.

·      PCS (Production Control System – WAN base application) – It was a manufacturing production control system that collected daily production information from factories and generated manufacturing analysis for the management.

·      DSS (Document Scanning System) – The major idea of that system was to build a paperless office.  The processing included document scanning, encrypting digitized files, and storing them on compact disks, using a customized client-server database system to decrypt secured files for other users to create historical portfolios.



(1993 to 1995)


 CAM Project Manager

·         XXX CAD CAM for Windows NT -- I was the principle designer for CAM and the core database development, and that system was developed in Visual C++ 1.1 and Visual Basic 3.0.

     XXX CAD CAM for AutoCAD Release 12 -- I join-forced the design and the development project of the XXX CAD CAM for AutoCAD.  (High C 3.11 and AutoCAD ADS function library were used in that system.)


(1990 to 1993)

TeamWrite corporation


     XXX -- it is a communication software, which allows sixteen remote users to logon simultaneously to share information on a custom designed file server.  I was the principle designer for the file server.  (Borland C++ 3.1, Green-leaf, and Essential function library were used in that system.)

     XXX -- it is a copyright protection software, which prevents the original source disk being duplicated by other conventional software such as Diskcopy or PC-tool.  This software was written in Borland C++ 3.0.


(1991 to 1993)


Network and Software Development Project Manager

     I have been the Project Manager who was solely responsible for software development and network administration for REGI.  I have designed the entire OAS (Office Automation System) system for REGI in Paradox PAL and C programming language.  Also, I have designed and have developed a Windows SDK file management utility system, File Buster, to manage application versions and space allocation on our network.  In addition, I have designed a multi-user data retrieval system to interface our MICROS POS system for statistical and financial analysis.


(1989 to 1990)


System Analyst and Programmer Analyst

     I have been the co-designer and the programmer of the Freeform TakeOff software at ATR, and that system was developed in Turbo C 2.0


(Sept 1986 to June 1989)

     I have been a Teacher Assistant for tutoring Calculus, COBOL, Pascal, and C programming at University of California Irvine.


Hardware Summary:

IBM Workstations, Servers, Sun Sparc Workstation, IBM RS6000, Apple Macintosh, Power PC, & UNIVAC 1100.


Software Summary:

ASP.net, Xcode (Objective-C and Swift), Java, Ajax, MySQL, MS Exchange 2010, Crystal Report, Oracle 9i, MS SQL 2008, Visual C#, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Pocket PC SDK, Macromedia products, MSC, High C 3.11, Windows SDK, Borland C++ 3.1, Novell Netware, UNIX Solaris, Windows NT, PC NFS, XBase 4GL, Delphi 1.0, Clipper, COBOL 2000, Pascal, Micros POS System, Microsoft office, 6502, 68000 family, and 8086 family assembly language.


Salary Expectation:

$48,000 per month



One-month notice.




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