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HOT_HK IT Development, Quantum Information Researcher, Programming Problem-solving, $40K HKD per month


   06 / 05 / 2024


Student Visa


Hong Kong

Experience Summary

1+ years of experience in the industry

Current & Previous Employers and jobs include:
Quantum Information Researcher at MIT
Quant Developer Intern at OneF1
Linux Engineer Intern at Jane Street

Data Science Intern at MACH Innovation


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, Minor in Statistics

Motives & Seeking

Is actively looking for a job right now because would be graduating after several months now. Open for data-related and AI/ML jobs.                 


English – Fluent
Urdu - Fluent
Arabic - Basic

Recent / Current Salary

$30K-40K HKD per month

Expected Salary

$30K-40K HKD per month



After 6 months OR this summer    

Interview Availability

Requires a day notice


Interview Assessment Notes 0



  1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us about you? Your current / recent jobs and employers? Previous companies and jobs?
    He’s currently a year four Computer Engineering and Statistics in XXXX. He has about 3 years of experience in AI and Machine Learning roles including several internships in AI start-ups and Quant firms. He has been into XXXX as a Linux Engineer Intern and a Quant Developer Intern in XXXX. Have also worked as a Software Engineer for XXXX and XXXX. Has about 5+ years of experience in MERN Stack Development since he has been a full stack developer and freelancer as well before. Most of his works was basically involving AI and data analysis for document analysis in XXXX using IDEs; has worked as a Linux Engineer where he used Shell commands, paging, and memory addressing, and operating systems; used fixed protocols for high-trading frequency optimization. Currently as a Quantitative Developer, he has worked on several portfolios and used various optimization techniques for it.

  2. What skill(s) / experience would you self-describe as strongest or specialist in?
    Strongest skill would be his great passion to learn and his great commitment to his works. He always tries to excel in everything that he do. He is good with programming and problem-solving given that he is studying statistics. He loves thinking, modelling, and optimizing problems as well. He can also easily communicate about problems/issues that they are facing.       

  3. Do you have the lists of key criteria’s according to the clients’ requirements?
    Has about 1+ year of professional experience in data-related jobs. Has strong knowledge and experience especially in Python, JavaScript, has bit of knowledge with Java and C++ as well. Has exposure to building automated data pipelines using Python and Hadoop; his MERN Stack experience can help him with working on MongoDB and SQL projects. Good with Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Technologies as well. Has experience with using Docker as well, getting the data and cleaning them according to the requirements of the machine learning model. Has worked a lot on SQL, Redis, and different databases as well.


Employment Agency

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment.

907, 9th Floor, Silvercord Tower 2, Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon, Hong Kong

25F, Central Plaza, Xin Tian Di, Shanghai

Ubi TechPark #01-08, Singapore

Sunshine Technology & Innovation Centre, No.1003 Nanxin Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Job-Seeker Agreement

The Candidate has agreed that Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment may disclose their profile to potential employers for the purpose of seeking new employment. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment will never charge any fees from job-seekers.

Employer Terms

General Terms and Conditions apply to all requests, offers, and agreements regarding the provision of services, and are available upon request. These can be sent to you on request or can be found on our website: svarecruitment.com.

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