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HOT_HK Data Scientist, Python C++ NLP R VBA $Negotiable


10 / 27 / 2021




Hong Kong

Experience Summar

14 Years of Work Experience

Some Job Titles / Positions held include: Independent Quantitative Researcher, Business Consultant, Senior Consultant, Math Teacher, Quantitative Analyst, Analyst and Research Engineer

Current & Previous Employers include: XXXX, XXXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX




M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship                      2018-2019







M.Sc. in Finance (Risk Management)   2010-2011



Research Master in Probability & Statistics           


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Motives & Seeking

Actively looking for Data Scientist jobs in Fintech and some DS related posiiton in trading, system trading, asset management, hedgefunds, and risk management


$ Expects Market level based on Skills and experience and depends on the company and some HKD Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits

He is flexible up to 70K HKD but it depends on the market, skills valued by the company

Recent / Current Salary

$  HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits

Currently has a part time job

Expected Salary

$ 25K 30K HKD Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits

Notice Period

2 Months

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice


Interview Assessment Notes



  1. Currently living in Dallas, started with Finance, Risk Management and his strongest skill is in Python, C++, used predictive models to advance his skills. He wants to relocate to HK, Singapore, Shanghai is not the priority, quantitative investment, algorithm trading, asset management, can use his experience and studies and can experience living in other countries, also want to know. Data science is also interesting, position like fintech or finance company, if they think he has the relevant skills, it is a position about knowledge and skills in Machine Learning

  2. He has several years of exp in Python, can write in very high level, no problem, very sophistic to do data analysis, C++ is above average, more sophisticated, can write very long program and a bit of OOP. R is the same as Python, experience in VBA and can also us SAS, very powerful statistic language and MATLAB, it is a very basic tool used by a lot of companies, working on research, very initial stage, to do some prototype verification, about analysis, use C++, other language or Python to develop the real program for the industry program. He doesn’t only have knowledge he has exp.

  3. He has experience in Deep learning and NLP. He has done some research in NLP using Python, for some position, they needed to analyse a very large natural language like some unstructured date, figure out some ways to understand the structure using frequency, quantitative indicators into some meaningful resolve that can be used to make some prediction or information finding. Find from unstructured, they have very or already some existing libraries we can use to do NLP processing

  4. It is to figure out the stock prices, fluctuations, reputation or some consumer sentiments that was found out from the news, there was already some existing library so can figure out a way. That’s a job, a thing in NLP, can use or define some library, wording positive about the news or about the last day. They have some company can collect all news to generate sentimental score, whether people show positive view regarding these 2 brands and then connect to fluctuations to their stock price, to see if there is some statistic connection with stock price change. Can become an indicator or time series date indicator, and price data, it is a very simple numeric plot or linear connection.


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