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HOT_HK Data Scientist, NLP Machine Learning Computer Vision Python


02 / 00 / 2022





Hong Kong

Australian Citizen


Hong Kong

He prefers remote (he might need to be able to travel frequently or another country) / Hybrid




Experience Summary

3 Years of Work Experience


Some Job Titles / Positions held include: Programmer and Freelancer


Current & Previous Employers include: XXXX, XXXX and XXXX



2020 - present

BSc (Hons) Computing (Part-time)


2017 - 2019                   

Higher Diploma in Software Engineer




Motives& Seeking

Passively looking because he wants to see if there is any remote jobs out there and might need to move to a different country in the near future. His background is primarily, continue in reporting and, would like to do a job which is 60% of what he is already doing and 30 to 40%.


English- Native


Cantonese- Fluent




Recent / Current Salary

$ HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits

Expected Salary

$ HKD Fixed Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits






2 Months

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice





Interview Assessment Notes 




  1. Could you tell me about you? Your current and most recent jobs and employers?

His main responsibility is to help set-up all the diff kinds of data, input and output, excel, CSV, Google API, BI tools. He was previously working for the company vending machine to capture the camera and in terms, all of his program was automated, getting diff kinds of insights, like sales trends, related prod based on purchasing pattern, that can help increase profit that can include recommending product, build different kinds of work.

  1. What skill(s) & experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist so far?

He is strongest in Pandas, when he writes, write a connecter. He has done a project using Pandas and also built a lamb function topmost o the cloud, data and convert into Pandas and once finished writing all the diff kinds of manipulation and email it into customers

  1. Do you have Machine Learning experience?

He doesn’t do a lot of ML and NLP in his job, in XXXX, had a few project related to CV, ML and NLP. The biggest project is the computer vision project, End to end stack on the front-end, on the user side. Capture the video from the camera and uses those bases to do object tracking and figures out which of those bases it will automatically send  a request to the cloud, whether the person is blurry or not looking straight to the camera and send the photo if good quality and another code to fetch the data form the local machine, passes through the AWS, to find the identity of the people in the photo where it will make sure, if recognition returns a bunch of faces, it will find the identity that matches all the faces, get 12 diff faces and make sure a large number belong to 1 person. Store the result of the recognition. Record what kind of people they saw, know who the person is and what age and their gender are and the demographics of the people who walks by the machine, to display or target ads at them, build a program that runs on the local machine and cloud, and then at cloud to get. Learning how to do post detection and source detection and he thinks that although don’t write the models, using existing models. Where their expertise comes in is combining diff kinds of models, object tracking and blurred detection model but as someone who designs, models from scratch. Building a system based on existing models. Rates himself 3 out of 5 in CV, NLP, 4.5 out of 5 in Python (uses every single day at work). An NLP project, to do a product-based searches and topic modelling for user feedback and a 3rd project was getting keywords from a bunch of texts. Mainly using existing models is to take existing models and use them in a creative way.


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