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Hong Kong Business Development Consultant 50K HKD


04 / 01 / 2022







Hong Kong




Experience Summary

+25 Number of Years Work Experience

Previous Job Titles / Positions held include: Business Development Consultant, Group Leader-Sales & Mktg, General Manager, Business Development Manager, Sr Sales Engineer, Assistant Product Marketing Manager, Sales Engineer



Bachelor of Science – Electronic Engineering






Motives & Seeking

Wants to move to be able to make use of wealthy experience at a bigger platform.


English - Fluent

Cantonese - Fluent

Mandarin - Native




Recent / Current Salary

No Fixed Per Month or Annual on current company

Takes only a percentage of the project he develops

Expected Salary

60k HKD Per Month Fixed

+ HKD Commission

+ HKD Bonus

+ Medical / Any Other Benefits



Willing to accept a lower salary






Immedietely Available

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice





Interview Assessment Notes 



  1. XXXXXXXX is for car and medical application. As an authorized distributor, gets order and then do production. Will also do R&D for customers mainly on automotive and medical. Has more automotive experience. Has sales responsibilities, so oversees the sales and marketing in the company. When sales team captures new customers, or got inquiry from customers, his job is to help them close the deal, to negotiate with the retail for a better price or better delivery and then reply to the customer. Also attends to exhibitions every year.
  2. With XXXXXXXXX, he was the managing director that oversees the whole office and staff members, majority of which are engineers. In the Hong Kong office, he was the COO and handle logistics and finance staff. Their major customer included the car manufacturer for Hyundai. They apply semiconductors for their clients’ automobile. Before joining XXXXXXX, he was with XXXXXXXXXX. They also distributed semiconductors to XXXXXXXX. He joined them as business manager and was promoted to a general manager. Owner asked him to setup a company to take care of a certain business. The company is XXXXXXx. After a year and a half, XXXXXXXXXx had to be closed after the business task was done.
  3. After that, he left XXXXXX because the boss of XXXXXXXXXXXx was going to set up his own office and was asked sincerely to help them setup the company. The owners were friends and decided upon him after a discussion.
  4. Was with XXXXXXXXXXXXXX as the assistant manager. He left after the company only lasted 3 years.
  5. Joined XXXXXXXX as an assistant product marketing manager. XXXXXXXX was his first company. An authorized distributor for XXXXXXXX. Personally handled the CD mechanism. It was the first launch for the manufacturer in Hong Kong and China. He was selected to visit Osaka, the location of the XXXXXXXX HQ, where the CD mechanism was produced. Was taught to learn the whole process of the production.
  6. Strongest skill is to close a deal with customers, to find a way to talk to decision makers of the company that is targeted. Most of the time spent in the last 10 years, he screens the report of the sales team and finds out what the customer really wants, finds out what the clients are really after. Uses a “demoset” to demonstrate the function to clients so they don’t have to spend a lot of time to adapt their solution. Uses this technique to overcome pricing situation. Their pricing is at least 25% higher than the others.
  7. Experienced in account management with all companies he’s been to throughout his career. Since he had always had to take care of their account with their clients/customers.
  8. He offers these products to customers by providing a total solution including the software for the mechanisms called a “demokit“ to demonstrate products. Uses this to provide solutions to customers



Employment Agency

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment

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25F, Central Plaza, Xin Tian Di, Shanghai

Ubi TechPark #01-08, Singapore

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Job-Seeker Agreement



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