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HK IT Senior Consultant / Hardware Design Engineer Computer Vision Java C Deep-learning video analytics $ 432k HKD Per Annual

Age Range:



British with Work Visa


Hong Kong


Experience Summary

Total 6 years. Specialising as Senior Consultant, Graduate Teacher and Hardware Design Engineer

Current / Recent Employer is XXX International for almost 1-year.

Some Previous employers are XXX College London and XXX.


-Q language, Intensive Cantonese course from Jul. 2019 - present

-XXX College XXX, PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sept. 2014 - Apr. 2019

-University of XXX, MEng., Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sept. 2009-Jun. 2013

Motives & Seeking

He is actively looking for a job because wanted to be a part of Big data analysis or AI roles.


English- Fluent

Recent / Current Salary

$ 36k HKD Per Month Fixed

$ 432k HKD Per Annual

Expected Salary

$ 50-60k HKD Per Month Fixed

Benefits: Housing

$ 600-720k HKD Per Annual


Notice Period

1 Month

Interview Availability

Requires a few days notice

Interview Assessment Notes

  1. Went to University of XXX specializing in Engineering then after a while work for 1-year at XXX basically designing video hardware micro-chip. Afterwards he took-up his PhD at XXX College XXX specializing in computational vision, like recognizing scenes and decoding of pictures to create 3D models from a picture.  Since he graduates, he had been working in HK as a Consultant, mainly doing educational consultancy to help families deal with their needs in education internationally by advising them which better place to go.
  2. A specialist in computer vision for 5 years and AI specifically analysing categorization for 3 years, just analysing pictures or scenes and label things in the computer. Both rated 5 out 5.
  3. Worked on Image analysis, where they took a single image of a scene when you have a camera moving when the shot was open and so when the shot was open there will be blur in the image, the closer the object is on the camera the more blurs it will have and the farther the object the less blur it will have from this they analyse how blur object are to get how far away the object in the scene are and from that use to try to build 3D model of the scene of the single image as long as it’s blurry.
  4. During his individual research project at the University, he created an image detection project. Involving a car traveling around the road and you have an image the road a head then tries to analyse image whether the car is in the middle of the lane or anything to do with the lane and used image recognition, Java and C programming languages.
  5. Image recognition with 5 years’ experience, rated 5 out 5.
  6. Used Java for 3 years, rated 4 out 5.
  7. As for Deep-learning video analytics he generates neuro-network to create pictures of cats and dogs to detect the cat or dog in the picture and if it’s real or fake then train these two networks with each other for it to get better with human intervention.
  8. He learned Python and has a background in NLP but was not involve in any actual projects.


Victor Chen

852 6700 6472


Employment Agency

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment (Hong Kong) Limited

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