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Associates General Terms and Conditions of Service 


Last Updated 21 / 12 / 2022


Work Location:

At the start of this agreement, your work location will be from home. The Company reserves the right to change this indefinitely, with notice of one month.

Probationary Period:

The first 90 days of your employment will be under a probationary period. During this period, both the company and you will determine whether you can perform the requirements of the job you have been assigned to. During this period, you are not yet entitled to leave privileges and other benefits of the Company.

Appointment may be terminated by the Company on four week’s notice or payment in lieu of notice should the agreed performance is not met.

Fee Review and Increase:

The Company offers the chance of a Performance Review undertaking every 3 months, with discretion for Incremental Fixed Fee Increase if personal and company performance is satisfactory.

Discretionary Bonus:

Subject to your Individual and Overall Company Performance, a pro-rated amount of discretionary annual bonus may also be paid at the end of each year before or after Christmas.

Notice Period:

You or the company requires One Month written notice from either party to terminate this agreement after probation, as long as a proper handover is completed. With failure from you to give the required notice, the Company reserves the right to waive any due Fee or Bonus payment. The Company can agree to a shortened notice period if you are able to refer or help the Company hire, train and hand over adequately to a suitable replacement.


This agreement may be terminated immediately if you are in breach, AWOL on the provision of 5 days, incapacitation, death, or if involvement in criminal activity comes to the Company’s attention. In such scenarios, the Company reserves the right to waive any due Fee or Bonus payment.

Other Leave:

In addition, you will have 5 days of paid leave per year for medical, bereavement, or paternity, after which any additional leave is unpaid. In instances of extended sick leave, you will be required to provide a medical certificate prior to, or as soon as reasonably practicable following the commencement of the sick leave. You must inform to the Company 1 hour before your shift begins of leave otherwise the Company reserves the right to waive the day's Fee.


A senior female associate is entitled to a guaranteed 90 days of paid maternity leave with an option to extend for 30 days without pay and grant additional 15 days for solo mothers. In cases of miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy, a 60-day maternity leave with full pay is provided. In the case of non-senior associates, it will be at the company’s discretion whether it will be paid or unpaid leave.


You may be eligible at the discretion of the Company for promotion and increased fixed fee/salary of per month, subject to an annual performance review carried out every 12 months and fulfilling the required achievements for promotion. Upon Promotion, the Company may explore the option of Fulltime Permanent Employment with a local contract, under a local entity, and to follow local labour requirements and required allowances and benefits.

Condition of Good Performance:

Performance bonus may be rewarded during the year-end in accordance with your performance when the company goal or set target has been met.

Other Benefits:

The Company may agree to offer at its discretion monthly benefits and pay allowances such as the Internet (after 6 months) and Medical subsidy (after a year), IT Equipment, access to continuous learning, tangible and non-tangible rewards and recognitions, access to local offices, relocation opportunities, business travel allowance, work-related expenses reimbursement and sponsorship for further education. Such allowances must be requested and agreed upon in advance with the company, and proof such as receipts must always be provided every time in order to make claims for reimbursement.

Continuous Learning:

You are occasionally obliged, at the request of the Company, to undertake training, retraining, and extra courses, inside or outside office hours, either online by accessing Virtual Learning Environments or offsite at a pre-arranged place, at the expense of the Company.

Referral Bonus:

The Company can offer a bonus of 2500 PHP should you refer an acquaintance who is hired and successfully passes probation with the Company.

Reporting Manager:

Director or Delegated Senior Associates

Work From Home:

As per your expressed desire of working from home with us in this job, you bear the responsibility to ensure you fulfill your daily duties and are present for work every Monday to Friday for 8 hours per day, that you are following the ‘SVA Recruitment Remote Work From Home Best Practice’, and that you will always have access to a working Computer without persistent lag issues, stable Internet without persistent connection issues, electricity without persistent disruption, and the working environment without distractions.


You undertake during the course of this agreement to not work for another Employer or client, directly or indirectly, in a full-time capacity, or if in a part-time capacity that it is not in conflict with your schedule with the Company or in conflict with the nature of work with the Company. You must terminate such (conflicted) arrangements immediately upon signing this agreement, and in the future inform the Company immediately of any such arrangements during the course of this agreement.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement:

During the course of this agreement and afterward, you will come into contact and depend on confidential and company-sensitive information including but not limited to personal details of the Company’s Clients, Candidates, strategic decisions by the Company, and commercial agreements. You agree during the course of this agreement and afterward, to be forbidden from: (a) making any statement to third parties directly or indirectly in any way or form whatsoever about confidential and company-sensitive information, business matters, and interests of the Company or workers affiliated with the Company, (b) disclosing your work or Confidential and Company-sensitive information to any third party; (c) make or permit to be made copies or other reproductions of your work or Confidential and Company-sensitive information; or (d) make any commercial use of you research, work or Confidential and Company-sensitive information. You will carefully restrict access to Confidential and Company-sensitive information only to those of its officers, directors, and employees who are subject to non-disclosure restrictions as protective as those set forth in this Agreement and who clearly need such access to participate on your behalf. Upon the Company’s request, you shall within thirty (30) days return all original material provided by the Company.

Your Responsibilities:

You agree to not perform activities in any way whatsoever, in or for fee or free, or be part in any form, with any clients or contacts of the Company’s business relations or contractual relationships, both during the course of this agreement and 24 months after termination.

You also agree not to approach, directly or indirectly, in your own interest or a third parties, any workers/employees, clients or contacts of the Company for the purposes of persuading them to terminate relations with the Company, and especially for engaging with them via a new employer or third party during the course of this agreement and 24 months after termination.


Should the company suspect you are not working to the best of your efforts, the quality of work is unsatisfactory, you are not starting on time or in the hours agreed without prior notification or satisfactory reasons, not following the ‘SVA Recruitment Remote Work From Home Best Practice’, or there are consistent issues with the computer, internet or power, or in case of failure to complete set tasks on the due day or by the end of the week latest, then the Company may assume work was not performed or was unsatisfactory and reserves the right to withhold payment for days (or weeks) in dispute, or to terminate this agreement in the instance of repeated offenses.

Allowances and Expenses:

Should you take up the Company’s offer of Internet subsidy, you agree to use the allowance to invest in a better internet provider or have a backup provider, which will ensure you are connected online at all times and able to work during your work shifts without connection issues. Expenses claimed per month will require proof of receipt for that month (billing statement indicating your place of residency + official receipt). Should there still be any issues with being online and working at any point once the company starts to subsidise for internet, then the Company reserves the right to not provide subsidy for the month in question and waive any due fixed Fee for not being online or able to work on the day(s) in question.


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